Martin O’Malley on being Catholic and supporting gay marriage

The possible Democratic candidate made his remarks in an interview with The Des Moines Register. See video. Footnote: The former governor of Maryland conveniently overlooks the Catholic church’s teaching on this particular issue: If it is true that all Catholics are obliged to oppose the legal recognition of homosexual unions, Catholic politicians are obliged to do [Read More...]

A glimpse at Jeb Bush’s Catholic faith

From The New York Times:  Like his brother George W. Bush, who established the White House office on faith-based initiatives, Jeb Bush was a champion of faith-based social services. As governor, he established what he said was the nation’s first faith-based prison, encouraging religious activity — of any faith tradition — in an effort to reduce criminal behavior. And [Read More...]

“Why are white Catholics abandoning the Democratic Party?”

Patricia Miller tries to answer that question in Salon:  It’s one of the central contradictions of American politics: that there’s no such thing as the “Catholic vote,” yet the Catholics vote still matters. There’s no “Catholic vote” in terms of Catholics representing an electoral bloc that votes according to what their bishops tell them, or [Read More...]

When words kill: John Danforth’s eulogy for a candidate who committed suicide

Attention must be paid:  Former U.S. Sen. John Danforth, one of the elders of Missouri’s GOP, declared Tuesday that “politics has gone so hideously wrong” and blamed nasty campaign tactics for Missouri gubernatorial candidate Tom Schweich’s suicide last week. “The death of Tom Schweich is the natural consequence of what politics has become,” said Danforth [Read More...]

Obamacare’s bulletin announcements: “The body is a temple and it must be insured”—UPDATED

From The Weekly Standard:  In an effort to sign up as many consumers as possible for insurance under the Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare), the Obama administration has gone to extraordinary lengths to partner with churches and other faith-based groups, even publishing sample church bulletin inserts, flyers, and scripts for announcements, as well as “talking [Read More...]

Supporter: Rick Perry believes he is “touched by God”

From The Daily Mail: Rick Perry delivered a scathing indictment of Barack Obama on Thursday night in Washington, teeing up a presidential run with a speech that took little notice of presumptive Democratic favorite Hillary Clinton and instead castigated the president as feckless, clueless and gutless. Just 16 days removed from the 10,000-square-foot Texas governor’s [Read More...]

Confirmed: Pope will address joint session of U.S. Congress

This is unprecedented. From the Archdiocese of Washington: It is a great honor and tremendous joy to welcome our Holy Father, Pope Francis, to the Archdiocese of Washington during his proposed pastoral visit to the United States in September. We rejoice with the announcement by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Honorable John Boehner, [Read More...]

Why he’s no longer pro-life: the “misadventures of Tim Ryan”

The once pro-life congressman switched sides last week—and now here’s some reaction and analysis from Kristen Day of Democrats for Life in The Hill:  His pronouncement is a symptom of a larger problem within the Democratic Party – the abortion litmus test. Democrats once held a 292-seat majority in the U.S House with 110 pro-life [Read More...]

Catholic congressman Tim Ryan: “Why I changed my thinking on abortion”

From HuffPo:  Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio), a longtime opponent of abortion, announced in an op-ed on Tuesday that he now supports abortion rights after having talked to women in difficult circumstances throughout his home state. “I have sat with women from Ohio and across the nation and heard them talk about their varying experiences: abusive relationships, financial [Read More...]

Pope Francis a “headache” for GOP presidential hopefuls?

Rick Santorum prays at a fundraiser in 2012 by Gage Skidmore / Wikipedia Commons From Bloomberg:  It is a new era for the Roman Catholic church, much to the dismay of three of its Republican members who are poised to run for president. On issues ranging from climate change, lifting the U.S. embargo on Cuba, and the demotion of an anti-gay [Read More...]