Obama administration to revise part of contraception rule

With everything else going on, somehow this news got buried. From The Wall Street Journal: The Obama administration said Tuesday it will revise a compromise arrangement for religiously affiliated universities and charities that object to providing contraception in workers’ health insurance plans, in response to a Supreme Court order earlier this month.A majority of Supreme [Read More...]

Obama to issue executive order protecting LGBT workers, but without religious exemption

Details: President Barack Obama plans to sign two executive orders Monday prohibiting discrimination against gay and transgender workers in the federal government and its contracting agencies, without a new exemption that was requested by some religious organizations. Obama’s action comes on the heels of the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling in the Hobby Lobby case [Read More...]

Which religious group shows the most support for Obama?

It’s not Catholics, whose approval rating is a paltry 44%. Details:  President Obama’s approval rating has dropped to 43% from its one-time high of 69% in January 2009, but the president still holds majority favor among one group: Muslim Americans. According to a recent Gallup poll conducted in the first six months of 2014, 72 percent of U.S. Muslims [Read More...]

Nancy Pelosi on child migration: “No one speaks more eloquently than the bishops”

No, this is not a joke:  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, not known for rigorous adherence to Catholic Church teaching, found herself citing the bishop of El Paso on Thursday while drumming up support for the White House’s requested $3.7 billion emergency supplemental spending bill. The bill, which Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid considers a top [Read More...]

Hillary Clinton’s faith

TIME magazine is publishing a book about Hillary Clinton, and it includes a lengthy section about her Methodist upbringing, the role of prayer in her life, and a surprising Catholic connection. Snip: At times, she would let the public catch a glimpse of this inner faith. When George H.W. Bush called Bill on election night [Read More...]

Meet the “evangelical” Catholics reshaping the GOP

From Religion News Service:  How many voters know that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is a Roman Catholic? Or that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is a Southern Baptist, not a Latino Catholic? Or that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio worships at both a Catholic parish and an evangelical church? More importantly, does it matter? Actually, it [Read More...]

SF archbishop responds to critics on the March for Marriage

He has posted a letter on the archdiocesan website. He doesn’t mention his most prominent critic, Nancy Pelosi, but several others are named on the letterhead. The letter: Dear Fellow Citizens, Your letter sharing with me your thoughts on the upcoming “March for Marriage” in Washington, D.C., was forwarded to me while I was attending meetings [Read More...]

Quoting Pope Francis, Nancy Pelosi urges archbishop not to speak at March for Marriage

Details:  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi took the lead this week in a high-profile lobbying effort to pressure San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone not to attend the controversial March for Marriage event, which she characterized as “venom masquerading as virtue.” Pelosi, who is one of the country’s most powerful Catholic politicians, made a passionate appeal to the archbishop in a [Read More...]

David Brat, Calvinist Catholic?

The professor who upset Eric Cantor in Tuesday night’s election has an interesting religious background: The Republican primary race in Virginia’s 7th district was a David and Goliath story from the beginning. Perhaps that’s why David Brat—the Tea Party professor who stunned the country and took down House Majority Leader Eric Cantor on Tuesday—waved a piece of paper with [Read More...]

Rep. Rebecca Hamilton says goodbye to all that

My blog neighbor—18-year veteran of the Oklahoma House of Representatives—is finishing up her last session today. Her term ends in November. And she’s in a reflective mood that reveals a side of public service most of us don’t see:  Today is the last day that I will drive to the capitol, park my car and [Read More...]