Meet Ken Hackett: State Department releases short YouTube video introducing new ambassador to Holy See

Check out this profile of the diplomat, just posted on the State Department YouTube page (you can read a full biography of him here): [Read more...]

Some advice on the shutdown from the bishops

Sister Mary Ann Walsh from the USCCB blogs:  As the government shutdown continues, it may be time to listen to another body – the U.S. bishops. Recent statements from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops offer significant points worth considering. They are neither Democratic nor Republican positions. They are simply principled. Consider, for example, an [Read More...]

Obama “hugely impressed” with Pope Francis

To me, the fact that he’s impressed isn’t as surprising as the fact that a reporter in the mainstream media brought up the subject in the first place—and this, during an interview about a looming financial catastrophe. From USA TODAY:  President Obama’s interview with the CNBC business news channel included high praise for Pope Francis. [Read More...]

Dolan to Obama on Syria: “Our focus is on saving lives by ending this conflict, not fueling it”

The USCCB president has written a letter to the U.S. president: September 4, 2013 President Barack Obama The White House Washington, DC 20270 Mr. President: As our nation contemplates military action in Syria, we want to assure you and your Administration of our prayers. We know that the situation in Syria is complex and appreciate [Read More...]

R.I.P., Lindy Boggs

The history-making congresswoman and former US ambassador to the Vatican—also the mother of Cokie Roberts—has died. Details:  Lindy Boggs, who succeeded her husband in the House of Representatives after his plane crashed in Alaska and who went on to serve nine terms on Capitol Hill, notably as a champion of women’s rights, died on Saturday [Read More...]

Should Priests Endorse Candidates?

With all the frenzy about the unfortunately-named Anthony Weiner, it can be easy to forget that there are other people running for the mayor of New York.  One of them is John Catsimatidis, a Greek American businessman. He’s not that well-known to many New Yorkers, so he’s trying to get his name and image out there [Read More...]

Great Moments in Journalism: MSNBC Host Wears Tampon Earrings

Details:  On her MSNBC show Sunday, Melissa Harris-Perry introduced a new type of jewelry inspired by the recent protests at the Texas Capitol. Tampon earrings. “My producer Lorena made for me, last week, some tampon earrings,” Harris-Perry said as she inserted them into her pierced ears. “Because, of course, you’ll remember the Texas state legislature [Read More...]

Religion in America in 1776

An interesting look back:  When the Declaration of Independence was drafted on July 4, 1776, religious practice in the 13 colonies of the United States was colorful and varied. The quest for independence — as well as loyalist resistance to the cause — permeated church life and teachings across denominational lines. Patriots argued that their [Read More...]

Video: Protestors Chanting “Hail, Satan” at Texas Abortion Rally—UPDATED

Seriously? Yes. This is what we have come to. Details:  The same orange-clad abortion rights supporters who sent children to #StandWithWendy in Texas today holding signs like “Stay out of my mommy’s vagina” didn’t limit themselves to strictly scientific arguments for unrestricted access to abortion. Groups of protesters also countered pro-life groups’ prayers with chants of “Hail [Read More...]

What Did Obama Really Say Today About Churches and Gay Marriage?

Elizabeth Scalia has some strong ideas on the topic, and quotes the White House statement:  I applaud the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act. This was discrimination enshrined in law. It treated loving, committed gay and lesbian couples as a separate and lesser class of people. The Supreme Court has [Read More...]