How Catholic was JFK?

A fascinating look at his faith, from CNN’s Belief blog:  When John F. Kennedy was a boy, his mother counseled her children on Good Fridays to pray for a peaceful death. Young Jack joked that he’d rather pray for two pet dogs instead. If you’re looking for the CliffsNotes version of Kennedy’s Catholicism, that anecdote [Read More...]

Sarah Palin apologizes for comments on Pope Francis

Following up on her remarks earlier this week, she posted this statement on her Facebook page:   Just to clarify my comment to Jake Tapper about Pope Francis, it was not my intention to be critical of Pope Francis. I was reminding viewers that we need to do our own homework on news subjects, and I [Read More...]

The next Catholic president?

The prognostication begins, over at PolitickerNJ:  New Jersey in November 2013 is inundated by images of one past president, and perhaps a future one. With the 50th anniversary of the death of President John F. Kennedy, JFK’s face and voice are everywhere – television, radio, print and online. America can watch, frame by frame, his [Read More...]

Biden to Catholic clergy on immigration: “You guys have to show up.”

From Politico:  Vice President Joe Biden’s message to immigration reform advocates: Don’t let your issue die like gun control did. Speaking on a conference call of Catholic clergy and other faith leaders, Biden said it will be incumbent upon immigration reformers to be louder and more engaged with Congress than reform opponents. “Work the districts [Read More...]

White House celebrates Diwali

Some around the Internets are shocked, simply shocked, that the Obamas did this.  (Read some comments here for a taste of reaction, which includes “False idols at the White House! It will need a good cleaning after they’re gone” and “Maybe Michelle will be their first sacrifice.”) Let the record show: the first Diwali celebration at [Read More...]

Maine Catholic congressman declares he’s gay

Details:  Rep. Mike Michaud (D-Maine) announced he’s gay in an Op-Ed article published by Maine newspapers Monday, making him the seventh openly gay member of Congress. The five-term representative, currently running for governor, said that he was prompted to speak out by “whisper campaigns” alleging that he was gay. “Allow me to save them the trouble with a [Read More...]

Lawsuit accuses Obama administration of “conscious strategy to marginalize” Catholic religious views

Details:  The Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., is arguing in a new lawsuit that the Obama administration is engaged in a “conscious political strategy to marginalize and delegitimize” Catholic “religious views on contraception by holding them up for ridicule on the national stage.” At issue in the lawsuit is whether the administration can force the archdiocese to secure [Read More...]

George H.W. Bush donates socks for Catholic fundraiser

Details: Former President George H.W. Bush says his wife is getting fed up with his flashy socks, so he’s donated an exceptional pair of bright, cactus-themed socks to a church fundraiser. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland says the socks that Bush wore in a photo with former President Bill Clinton in Kennebunkport, Maine, last [Read More...]

Meet Ken Hackett: State Department releases short YouTube video introducing new ambassador to Holy See

Check out this profile of the diplomat, just posted on the State Department YouTube page (you can read a full biography of him here): [Read more...]

Some advice on the shutdown from the bishops

Sister Mary Ann Walsh from the USCCB blogs:  As the government shutdown continues, it may be time to listen to another body – the U.S. bishops. Recent statements from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops offer significant points worth considering. They are neither Democratic nor Republican positions. They are simply principled. Consider, for example, an [Read More...]