Pope Francis’ advice to commuters

I’ve said it before: this guy slays me. Check out the CNS video below, wherein the pope who likes to ride the bus offers some advice on how to spend your morning commute. The CNS summary:  If you get a seat on a crowded bus, you should use your travel time to read a few [Read More...]

There he goes again: pope asks today “Who am I to judge?”

He used that now-famous (or infamous) phrase during his homily this morning: In his homily at Holy Mass on Monday, 17 March, Pope Francis preached on mercy. Commenting on the day’s readings from the Prophet Daniel (9:4-10) and the Gospel of Luke (6:36-38), the Pope explained that “Jesus’ invitation to mercy is intended to draw [Read More...]

Pope Francis invited to address joint session of Congress next year

From The Washington Post:  Congressional leaders have invited Pope Francis to address a joint session of Congress during his expected visit to the United States next year. Francis, who marked his first anniversary as leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics today, is reportedly planning to visit the U.S. next year in order to attend a global conference [Read More...]

The first year of Francis: a young priest in Rome reflects

From CNN, a young priest studying in Rome—Father Joel Camaya from the Philippines—offers his impressions of the last year:  St. Peter’s Square is always packed with huge crowds during general audiences and the Sunday Angelus. Like the candor in his first address, he ends every Sunday gathering with “Buon pranzo!” (“Have a good lunch!”) People [Read More...]

German bishops elect cardinal adviser to Pope Francis as their new head

Details:  Germany’s Catholic bishops elected Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx their new leader on Wednesday, picking a close associate of Pope Francis already working on Vatican reform to also guide them at home. Marx’s election in Germany, one of the richest and most influential national churches in the 1.2-billion-strong Roman Catholic world, enhanced his status among [Read More...]

Hitting home: Pope Francis has an impact on his native Argentina

Inspiring news, from CNS:  Maria Delamonica spoke somewhat sourly of the state of affairs in Argentina, where the economy is teetering and politics are polarized. But her voice brightened when the topic turned to Pope Francis and the changes in the country since he was unexpectedly elected one year ago. “There’s been a revolution,” said [Read More...]

Going my way?

Look who just arrived for his Lenten retreat outside of Rome. From Vatican Radio: Pope Francis is in the hillside town of Ariccia just south of Rome for a week-long Lenten retreat with members of the Curia. The Pope left the Vatican Sunday afternoon by bus – just a few hours after reciting the Angelus [Read More...]

CNN measures “The Francis Effect”

Several people alerted me to this over the weekend. It’s a compelling, balanced look at how the Franciscan pontificate is playing in Boston after one year,  from CNN’s Daniel Burke:  In some ways, the “Pope Francis effect” doesn’t seem very effective at all. Despite the immense popularity the aged Argentine has won since his election [Read More...]

Pope Francis grants interview to Italian newspaper, discusses role of women in Church

From Vatican Radio:  Less than two weeks shy of one year on from his election as bishop of Rome, Pope Francis describes himself as, “A man who laughs, cries, sleeps well and has friends like everyone else.” It is the self-description the Holy Father offered to the editor-in-chief of the Italian daily, Corriere della sera, Ferruccio [Read More...]

VIDEO: Pope blesses woman over the phone

So says this video from Rome Reports, which notes: During the audience with the members of the Italian Federation for Spiritual Exercises, Pope Francis got a unique request. A priest approached him with cell phone in hand, and asked him to bless the 25-year-old woman on the other end of the line. Pope Francis did not hesitate one second and quickly [Read More...]