Why did the pope hop out of his car?

  You’ve seen the wonderful video.  Now, Huffington Post has the story:  Pope Francis immediately halted his motorcade when a group of people with signs caught his attention. The banners read, “Please Pope stop here to see an angel who has been waiting for you,” and, “Please come and bless little Roberta.” The family of Roberta, a [Read More...]

Pope Francis: “There is nothing more beautiful for a man than to be called to the priesthood”

From Vatican Radio: “I have very much desired this meeting with you who bear the daily burden of parish work” Pope Francis said on Saturday, greeting the priests of the Diocese of Cassano all’Jonio. In his address, the Holy Father spoke to the assembled clerics about “the joy of being a priest.” There is nothing [Read More...]

A refrain I hear again and again from people everywhere: “I gotta say, I love this pope…”

It’s a refrain I’ve heard again and again from people everywhere. I hear it from Catholics, from Presbyterians, from Jews, from non-believers—even from people who profess no belief in God at all. When they find out what I do, and learn about my role in the Church, the first they thing tell me is: “I’ve [Read More...]

Pope declares Mafia members excommunicated

Details, from Reuters:  Pope Francis on Saturday took on one of Italy’s most dangerous organized crime groups, calling it an example of “the adoration of evil” and saying Mafiosi “are excommunicated”. The pope, speaking about the ‘Ndrangheta crime group during a mass in the southern Italy, issued the strongest attacks on organized crime since the [Read More...]

Pope opposes making recreational drug use legal

Details:  Pope Francis spoke out Friday against legalizing recreational drugs, telling participants at the International Drug Enforcement Conference in Rome that, “Drug addiction is an evil, and with evil there can be no yielding or compromise.” As public opinion shifts on the use of recreational drugs, two U.S. states have made marijuana use legal and [Read More...]

“Dialogue is only possible when there is an attitude of openness to the other…”

The great Archbishop Claudio Celli, president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, spoke at the Catholic Media Conference this morning. Some of his remarks: The key question for Catholic media professionals is to consider how best we can be present in this emerging digital arena. Pope Francis in his message for this year’s World [Read More...]

Pope Francis: “Who pays the price for the corruption of a prelate?”

Strong words from his homily today: The poor are the ones who end up paying for the damage wrought by the corruption of the powerful, whose avidity leaves the poor without the things of which they have need and to which they have a right. This was the theme of the Holy Father’s remarks following [Read More...]

Pope on World Cup: Who am I to judge?

He’s not taking sides:  He recently renewed his Argentine passport and remains an official card-carrying member of his favorite Buenos Aires football club. But Pope Francis has pledged absolute neutrality for the World Cup. Francis recalled during an interview published Friday with the Barcelona newspaper “La Vanguardia,” that Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff had asked him [Read More...]

Francis, the saint who kissed hands—and hooves

A reader alerted me to this piece by Archbishop Charles Chaput, which talks about the significance of the saint from Assisi and offers these details, which may have some connection to a popular habit of Pope Francis: In his biography of Francis, Augustine Thompson—the Dominican author—notes that Francis had a passionate devotion to the Blessed [Read More...]

Pope Francis: The devil is trying to destroy the family

I think that also includes the family of Christ’s Church. Details:  The “enemy attacks the family so much. The devil does not want it. He tries to destroy it, to prevent love from becoming free,” said Pope Francis in responding to a family present at the National Convocation of the Renewal in the Spirit, who [Read More...]