Worth a thousand words: Protestants praying over a future pope

With all the controversy that swirled around this image of Cardinal O’Malley, a reader reminded me of the picture below. It surfaced shortly after Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was elected pope. Description:  On June 19, 2006, the Third Fraternal Encounter of the Renewed Communion of Evangelicals and Catholics was held in Luna Park stadium in Buenos [Read More...]

Men with hats

  Pope Francis conversing with members of the Jewish community of Argentina at the Santa Marta guesthouse today.  (Source). The men shared a kosher lunch. Read the full story here. [Read more...]

I just might have to make this my screen saver

For the full story behind the image, check out what ace CNS photog Paul Haring has to say over at the CNS blog. And kudos to him for giving us another one that’s worth a thousand words. [Read more...]

NY Times: Some in Vatican are “like frustrated teenagers, closing the door and putting their headphones on”

The paper sizes up various headlines of the last few months, and gets some reaction:  To some degree, Francis, 77, is simply bringing in his own team and equipping them to carry out his stated mission of creating a more inclusive and relevant church that is more sensitive to the needs of local parishes and [Read More...]

The pope baptized a baby, and that’s really all we know—UPDATED

Some eyebrows (and some blood pressures) shot up on the news that Pope Francis had baptized a baby yesterday whose parents were reportedly married civilly, but not sacramentally. To wit: Among the baptized – according to the report in the daily “Il Tirreno” – there is also Giulia, caught of a couple married civilly but [Read More...]

Pope Francis announces names of 19 new cardinals

From the Vatican news site:  After the Angelus on Sunday, Pope Francis announced the names of those who will be created Cardinals at the upcoming situation. Below, please find the full text of the Holy Father’s announcement: As was previously announced, on February 22, the Feast of the Chair of Peter, I will have the [Read More...]


That is how Pope Francis described some priests this morning in his daily homily, reminding those who are ordained to be attentive of their behavior. Summaries of his talks have become commonplace, thanks to the Vatican news service. But here is a rare video showing the pontiff in action today at the Casa Santa Marta [Read More...]

A dying priest’s letter to the pope

A remarkable testament, from  the website Aleteia:  The Rev. Fabrizio De Michino was born in Naples on 8 September 1982. Nearly 3,000 people gathered in Ponticelli to bid him a final farewell at the Basilica of Our Lady of the Snows, where he served as a parochial vicar. Fr. Fabrizio suffered greatly in his last [Read More...]

Picture of the day. Maybe of the year.

And the year is only seven days old. Priceless: Photo: CNS/L’Osservatore Romano via Reuters  From Catholic News Service: Surrounded by cheese sellers, shoemakers and bleating, baying animals, Pope Francis immersed himself in a lively re-enactment of a special day in Bethlehem. He even let a lamb rest on his shoulders and greeted a tiny baby [Read More...]

Pope Francis: “The heart is a road, everything passes there. Put it to the test!”

Part of the pope’s homily today that hit close to home: The Pope  invited everyone to think about what happens in their own hearts. What do we think and feel, what do we desire, do I examine the spirits? “Do I test what I think, what I want, what I desire – he asked – [Read More...]