Pope: “It is everyone’s Church!”

That’s the gist of his homily from this morning:  At the heart of Christianity is an invitation to the Lord’s feast. That was Pope Francis’ message at Mass this morning at the Casa Santa Marta. The Pope said that the Church is “not only for good people;” the invitation to be a part of it [Read More...]

Cardinal Pell slams SSPX criticism of Pope Francis as “absolute rubbish”

Details from Gerard O’Connell at Vatican Insider:  The Australian cardinal George Pell, one of the eight cardinals that Pope Francis has chosen to advice  him, agreed to talk about his experience of their historic meeting (October 1-3) with the Holy Father on the understanding that “the only substantial information” available about that gathering is what Fr Federico [Read More...]

“The new head of the Roman Catholic Church is blowing everyone’s minds.”

With a grateful diaconal bow to Mark Shea, I offer some of what an Episcopal priest writes in a California paper: Put simply, the new head of the Roman Catholic Church is blowing everyone’s minds. He is saying and doing things that seem like fresh water in the midst of a desert. He is speaking [Read More...]

Will this be a new tourist spot in the nation’s capital?

Efforts are underway to rebrand the John Paul II Cultural Center in Washington as a major pilgrimage site. CNS has a preview below. Post by Catholic News Service. [Read more...]

The Francis Effect in Nebraska

From the World-Herald in Omaha: At his sister’s wedding reception, Taylor Leffler sat down for a friendly chat with friends of hers who are gay. For Leffler, a 22-year-old Nebraska native studying for the priesthood, the conversation was spurred by a powerful reason: Pope Francis’ call for Catholics to reach out to others, rather than [Read More...]

What did they do with those misspelled “Lesus” medals?

According to this tweet, the pope gave them out today.  (How long until they turn up on Ebay??) No one should be surprised that the pontiff made use of them. A few months ago, Pope Francis cautioned us against letting anything go to waste:  A few days ago, on the Feast of Corpus Christi, we [Read More...]

Quote of the day: “Do you waste time with your children?”

“When I hear the confession of a young married man or woman, and they refer to their son or daughter, I ask, ‘How many children do you have?’ and they tell me. Maybe they’re expecting another question after that, but I always ask, ‘And tell me, do you play with your children? Do you waste [Read More...]

Pope Francis: “The problem of intolerance must be faced in its entirety”

From VIS:  This morning Pope Francis received a delegation from the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, an international Jewish organisation for the defence of human rights, and praised its work in fighting “every form of racism, intolerance and anti-Semitism, preserving the memory of the Shoah and promoting mutual understanding through education and social action”. The encounter with [Read More...]

Pope meets with prison chaplains, laments injustice that lets “the big fish swim free”

Some telling remarks from the Holy Father this morning: Pope Francis on Wednesday before the General Audience met with 200 Italian prison chaplains, whose ministry he called “very challenging and very important.” The chaplains are in Rome for their annual national convention, and come from all over the country. Pope Francis began his remarks by [Read More...]

The many Nazareths of Pope John Paul: “Greatness begins in unexpected places”

Two years ago, for the first feast day of Blessed John Paul, my parish held a special Mass to mark the occasion. This is the homily I preached  that day.   Happy Feast of Blessed John Paul!    +++ By a happy coincidence, this gospel touches on a theme that was so vital to Pope [Read More...]