Cardinal Pell: “The Pope does not want the Vatican to be seen as a Renaissance court”

Details from Vatican Insider: The cardinal archbishop of Sydney, George Pell, in Rome for various meetings in the Vatican, granted me this interview on June 24, in which he shared his impressions on Pope Francis’s first 100 days in office and discussed the reform of the Roman Curia. “We’ve got a different type of Pope” who [Read More...]

Pope Francis: “We Are All Equal”

From today’s General Audience:  Today I would like briefly to refer to one more picture that helps us to illustrate the mystery of the Church: that of the temple (cf. Lumen Gentium, 6). What does the word, ‘temple’ call to mind? It makes us think of a building, a construction. In particular, it recalls to [Read More...]

“We’re Settling into a Fascinating Pontificate…”

So says veteran Vaticanista John Thavis. I was lucky enough to hear him offer that assessment in person, last week in Denver. Fortunately, he’s also published it on his blog:  I don’t want to recap Pope Francis’ 100-day “greatest hits” here. Instead, I’d like to identify a few core characteristics and directions that seem to [Read More...]

Pope Francis: “Due to Our Common Roots, a Christian Cannot Be Anti-Semitic!”

Details:  Pope Francis says due to “our common roots” with the Jewish people, “a Christian cannot be anti-Semitic!” The Pope was speaking to a 30 strong delegation from the International Jewish Committee on Interreligious Consultations (IJCIC) who gathered in the Apostolic Palace’s Hall of the Popes for a private audience Monday. The IJCIC is committed [Read More...]

On Dolan’s Visit to a Mosque: “The Church Regards with Esteem the Muslims…”

Various corners of the internets have been aswarm with critical reaction to Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s recent visit to a Staten Island mosque. Some critics have said he was wrong to state that Muslims and Christians worship the same God; commenters have criticized him for comparing Muslims to Catholics and a few have expressed shock that [Read More...]

Pope Francis Affirms Vatican Opposition to Death Penalty, Calls for its Abolition

Details:  In a message to participants of the Fifth World Congress Against the Death Penalty held in Madrid, Pope Francis reiterated the Holy See’s support for “the abolition of the death penalty.” Opposition to the death penalty is part of the Church’s defense of the dignity of human life, he said, and it is “a [Read More...]

Pope Francis: “In this culture, let’s face it, we are the minority…”

From remarks yesterday to the Diocese of Rome: “I’m Not Ashamed of the Gospel” was the theme of Pope Francis’ catechesis given yesterday afternoon in the Paul VI Hall for the inauguration of the Ecclesial Congress (17-19 June) that concludes the Diocese of Rome’s pastoral year. The theme of the pastoral year was: “Christ, We [Read More...]

HOG Heaven: Pope Blesses Bikers

Details:  Biker culture has come to the Vatican. Pope Francis on Sunday blessed thousands of Harley Davidsons and their riders as the American motorcycle manufacturer celebrated its 110th anniversary with a loud parade and plenty of leather. Thundering Harley engines nearly drowned out the recitation of the “Our Father” prayer in Latin that accompanied Francis [Read More...]

Pope Francis: Establish Dialogue with All, “Even Those Who Oppress the Church”

Details:  Dialogue, discernment, and frontier: These were the three words that the Pope suggested to the personnel of the Jesuit journal La Civilta Cattolica (Catholic Civilization), which is published in Italian from Rome, whom he received in audience this morning. “Your fidelity to the Church still needs you to stand strong against the hypocrisies that [Read More...]

Pope Francis Meets Archbishop of Canterbury

Below, the text of his remarks following the meeting:  Your Grace, Dear Friends, On the happy occasion of our first meeting, I make my own the words of Pope Paul VI, when he addressed Archbishop Michael Ramsey during his historic visit in 1966: “Your steps have not brought you to a foreign dwelling … we [Read More...]