Pope Francis: “If we destroy Creation, Creation will destroy us!”

From the pope’s audience today, which dealt with gifts of the Holy Spirit—specifically, the gift of knowledge: The gift of knowledge helps us to avoid falling prey to excessive or incorrect attitudes. The first lies in the risk of considering ourselves masters of Creation. Creation is not a property, which we can rule over at [Read More...]

Antonio Banderas as Pope Francis?

It could happen, according to RNS:  Spanish heartthrob Antonio Banderas may be cast in the role of Pope Francis in the first feature film to be made on the life of the Argentine pontiff. Italian director Daniele Luchetti plans to make the $12 million Spanish-language film, titled Call Me Francesco, with producer Pietro Valsecchi, who has [Read More...]

Vatican says Francis will not use bulletproof car during visit to Holy Land

From Reuters:  Pope Francis is shunning bulletproof vehicles during his trip to the Middle East this month, insisting that he use a normal car and be allowed to be as close to people as possible, the Vatican said on Thursday. The Vatican, briefing reporters on the trip, also confirmed that a rabbi and an Islamic [Read More...]

Pope to seminarians: Do not become “businessmen priests” or “princes” and avoid “boring homilies”

Sharp and funny words of wisdom from Pope Francis today:   Pope Francis told seminarians not to become “orphan priests,” who are motherless without Mary; “businessman priests,” who are after money; or “prince priests,” who are aloof from the people. He also warned them not to give “boring homilies,” saying their reflections should be brief, powerful [Read More...]

Pope Francis: What if Martians arrived tomorrow and wanted baptism?

The subject came up during his daily homily this morning: “Who are we to close the doors ” to the Holy Spirit? This was the question that Pope Francis repeated this morning during his homily at Mass at Casa Santa Marta, a homily dedicated to the conversion of the first pagans to Christianity. The Holy [Read More...]

Pope Francis: “Bother your pastors”

From the Vatican Radio:  “Bother your pastors, disturb your pastors, all of us pastors, so that we will give you the milk of grace, of doctrine, and of guidance.” Departing from his prepared remarks, Pope Francis on Sunday called on the faithful knock at the doors of their pastors “and on their hearts,” saying it [Read More...]

Report: Paul VI to be beatified in October

Details:  The Vatican has recognized a supposed miracle attributed to Paul VI’s intercession and will beatify the late Italian pope in October, a Vatican source said on Tuesday. According to the Italian news agency ANSA, the apparent miracle identified by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Causes of Saints was the healing of an unborn baby [Read More...]

Pope warns against “climbers” in the church

From his daily homily this morning: Pope Francis on Monday warned that there are people in the Church that follow Jesus for vanity or thirst for power and wealth, and he prayed the Lord to give us the grace to follow him for love. The Pope was speaking during morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta. [Read More...]

The embraceable pope

It sounds on its surface unremarkable, but NCR begs to differ: In what might be an unprecedented act —and extraordinary sign of affection— a Catholic from Minneapolis, MN embraced Pope Francis May 1 during a private audience. The lay initiated gesture, considered unthinkable in earlier pontificates, represents another verification of the way Francis has touched [Read More...]

Worth noting: the pope’s prayer intentions for May

From the Vatican:  Pope Francis’ universal prayer intention for May is: “That the media may be instruments in the service of truth and peace”. His intention for evangelisation is: “That Mary, Star of Evangelisation, may guide the Church in proclaiming Christ to all nations”. Amen. [Read more...]