Why Pope Francis is a model CEO

Here’s a different take on Pope Francis, from a business perspective, via a retired university professor and dean: Leaving aside for the moment judgments about faith and doctrine that are beyond the scope of the financial pages, let’s just look at how successful Francis has been in his first year as CEO of one of [Read More...]

Devotion to St. Pio

My parish has undertaken a novena to St. Pio—popularly known as “Padre Pio.” We’ve moved a large statue of the saint from its place in a side chapel, to a prominent position in the sanctuary. A number of people were drawn to him after Mass today. Oh blessed Saint Padre Pio, you were a priest [Read More...]

From the pope, a prayer to the Holy Family

From Vatican Radio:  Pope Francis on Sunday invited the faithful to join him sprititually in prayer for the upcoming Concistory and for the next Synod of Bishops which will focus on the theme of the Family. Celebrating the Feast of the Holy Family on this first Sunday after Christmas, the Pope entrusted the work of [Read More...]

A Prayer for Those Who Grieve at Christmas

We all know someone for whom the holidays are not times of cheer. Fr. Austin Fleming has composed this for them and is encouraging people to share it with those who are hurting.  +++ Dear God, There is an empty chair near the tree, an ache in our hearts and tears on our faces. We [Read More...]

“Thanks for all the prayers!”

From Deacon Bill Ditewig:  Happy to report healing on all fronts, thanks to the amazing outpouring of prayer and concern of so many people. First, our four-year old grandson, Vinny, is recovering from successful brain surgery, during which the surgeon removed a tumor the size of the surgeon’s fist.  Vinny is in for a long [Read More...]

An update on Vinnie

You’ll remember I was asking folks to pray for Bill Ditewig’s grandson, Vinnie. From Bill’s Facebook page late yesterday: The VinMan did great! He’ll be sedated for quite a while. Looks like Christmas in the hospital, but so far, so good. Thanks to EVERYONE for the prayers!!! Bill also attached a pre-surgery picture: [Read more...]

Prayers for Vinnie

A lot of folks around here know Deacon Bill Ditewig. Tonight, he’s flying to Iowa for a trip no one ever wants to make, especially around the holidays. His four-year-old grandson, Vincent Hurd, has a mass on his brain. He’s undergoing the first of two surgeries tonight, and another on Thursday. I don’t usually rattle [Read More...]

Today, stand for someone who can’t

That would be Thomas Peters. As you probably know, he’s facing a long road back from the debilitating accident that crippled him this summer. He’s written about it himself with pathos and poignancy—and a beautiful clarity.  Now, his friends are rallying to help. Pray. Donate. Spread the word. Visit this website to learn how.   [Read More...]

For the Philippines: Pope John Paul’s Stella Maris Prayer

O Mary, Star of the Sea, light of every ocean, guide seafarers across all dark and stormy seas that they may reach the haven of peace and light prepared in Him who calmed the sea. As we set forth upon the oceans of the world and cross the deserts of our time, show us, O [Read More...]

Lost in translation: French make adjustment to Lord’s Prayer

And you thought translating the Roman Missal into English was problematic. Details: France‘s Catholic Church has finally corrected a “blasphemous” error that crept into the Gallic version of The Lord’s prayer half a century ago. After a 17-year debate, theologians and writers concluded that the French equivalent of “And lead us not into temptation” implied [Read More...]