The Assumption and the “Wedding of the Sea”

Thursday marks the Solemnity of the Assumption—n.b., a holy day of obligation—and an occasion for some memorable traditions, most notably the blessing of sea water. This is a custom we started at my parish several years ago (even though we are a long subway ride from the Atlantic Ocean). One of the priests collects some [Read More...]

Prayers for the Thom Peters—UPDATED

If you’ve been following the Thomas Peters updates on the web or on Facebook, you probably know he was scheduled for surgery this morning. Latest reports indicate it has been postponed because of an infection. Here’s yesterday’s update:  Thomas had another great day yesterday. In the morning he had 1.5 hours of Physical Therapy. His [Read More...]

Meet World Youth Day’s “Fashionista Priest”

Details, from Aleteia:   Father Andrew O’Connor is perhaps almost as well known in New York’s fashion scene as in the Bronx parish he pastors. Taking a retreat in Guatemala years ago, he was impacted by the grinding poverty and hopelessness he saw. He found a way to get New Yorkers to share their wealth [Read More...]

New Website Offers Updates on Thomas Peters

I knew this was in the works, and my blog neighbor Lisa Hendey got the scoop: You can now follow Thomas Peters’ recovery at a new website that just launched this afternoon. First entry: The halo has been installed but we are in one of the waiting rooms waiting to be allowed to go back in. [Read More...]

A Prayer for Mental Health

The following e-mail arrived today from a priest: Hello Deacon Greg. We do not know each other, but I stumbled upon your website today. I am asking, please, that you pray for me and give my name to others who have a ministry of prayer. I am a 51-year-old priest and have terrible terrible mental [Read More...]

“Please Continue Your Prayers for Thom…”—UPDATED

At about 10 a.m. ET, Ed Peters posted the following on his Facebook page, with a brief update on his son, Thomas Peters:  Please continue your prayers for Thom. Docs are assessing range of motion issues today and need to decide about treating his neck injury. His temperature is returning to normal and his lungs [Read More...]

Vatican Grants Indulgences for Following the Pope on Twitter—UPDATED

Details:  In an effort to lure the shrinking flock of young Roman Catholics to a more wired religious world, a Vatican court has ruled that following Pope Francis online and on Twitter can earn believers time off from their sentence to purgatory for confessed and forgiven sins. The granting of “indulgences” to those who use the Internet [Read More...]

Where Can Catholics Renew Wedding Vows?

A reader writes:  I belong to a wonderful parish in GA about 20 minutes outside Savannah, GA.  I would so love to renew our vows for our 40th wedding anniversary, but my husband, [who is not Catholic] will not consent to doing this in church by my priest (even though he was married in the [Read More...]

Beautiful Picture: Prayer Before a Wedding

Since we’re in the middle of wedding season, now seems a good time to post this picture, which apparently caused a sensation when it first appeared online a few months ago. This blog post, by the bride, explains the story behind it: she and her groom holding hands in prayer moments before their wedding, trying [Read More...]

Defying School Board, Student Rips Up Graduation Speech and Says the Lord’s Prayer Instead

It happened in South Carolina:  A high school valedictorian from South Carolina ripped up his approved speech on stage this past weekend, and minutes later, delivered the Lord’s Prayer in defiance of the school district’s decision to no longer include prayer at graduation ceremonies. Roy Costner IV drew loud applause and cheers when he surprised [Read More...]