What can Billy Graham teach us about preaching?

An Anglican priest, Robert Hart, offers his thoughts about one of the most popular and effective preachers of the last century: Dr. Graham’s televised “crusades” were old-fashioned Baptist revival services, and they came across with a simple and profound dignity that others lacked. They looked honest because they were straightforward. There were no gimmicks, no [Read More...]

Superb: Fr. Michael Duffy’s homily for a new priest

A deep diaconal bow to my blog neighbor and FOTB Fr. Michael Duffy, who was invited to preach yesterday at the Mass of Thanksgiving for the newly ordained Fr. Andrew Garnett —and knocked it out of the park. Snip:  While this new reality is Fr. Garnett’s in a particular way because of his ordination yesterday it’s all of [Read More...]

VIDEO: vicar general strums guitar and sings during homily

Here’s something you don’t see every day. This is Fr. Charles Cimpl, vicar general for the diocese of Sioux Falls, SD, and pastor of St. Michael’s parish. The event was evidently a children’s Mass. See what you think. Meantime…looking through the website at Fr. Cimpl’s parish, I came upon this column, which I think most priests and [Read More...]

Professional actors help seminarians with “Preaching Boot Camp”

From the Detroit Free Press: Let’s be honest, Catholic priests aren’t known for soul-stirring preaching. And according to Pope Francis and many ex-Catholics, that’s a problem. Boring sermonizing does not fill the sanctuary or pay the bills. It certainly will not curb the steady march of American Catholics from the faith. “Priests today have to [Read More...]

“The Preacher’s Mistake”

A Redemptorist reader, Fr. John McKenna, sent this along, and it’s too good not to share. It’s credited to William Croswell Doane, the first bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany, who served in that capacity from 1869 until his death in 1913. “The Preacher’s Mistake”  The parish priest Of austerity, Climbed up in a [Read More...]

Priests and deacons, if you think “preaching seems pointless”…think again.

  View image | gettyimages.com My blog neighbor Fr. Dwight Longenecker bemoans the state of Catholic preaching—and the seeming lack of response to said preaching:  I sometimes feel like the dog who barks at the train. He doesn’t bark at the train because he thinks the train will stop. He barks because he’s a dog. [Read More...]

Pope: church is about unity, not forming lobbies

I can’t imagine what he’s talking about, can you? Details:  Pope Francis says discussions within the Church are to seek unity and and it should not be a place where people are always clashing, betraying each other and forming lobbies to win their argument. He said the Holy Spirit helps bring change and moves things [Read More...]

Pope to newly ordained priests: No more boring sermons

Details: On Sunday morning Pope Francis ordained 19 new priests, exhorting them to serve the flock rather than manage it, and to feed the people of God with heartfelt homilies rather than boring sermons. “Let this be the nourishment of the People of God,” Francis said during the ceremony in Saint Peter’s Basilica, “that your sermons are [Read More...]

Archbishop Cupich’s homily at wake for Cardinal George

  View image | gettyimages.com   This was delivered Tuesday, for priests and seminarians gathered at the wake of Cardinal George. It’s beautiful. I think it may have particular resonance for clergy. It’s been published multiple places online. Here it is from Zenit:  “Stay with us Lord, for evening draws near.” These words echo in [Read More...]

“Stop the homily abuse”

A bishop in the Philippines used the Mass on Holy Thursday to talk about bad preaching—and he held nothing back. Details:  Below is the homily of Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas at the Cathedral of Lingayen-Dagupan, the St John the Evangelist Cathedral in Dagupan City, on Thursday, April 2. Today we make a spiritual journey again [Read More...]