Pope Francis on preaching

  Worth noting: [Read more...]

On words and The Word—UPDATED

Mary DeTurris Poust has a followup to yesterday’s cri de coeur on lackluster liturgy: Over and over yesterday, in response to my “Losing My Religion” post, many people tried to convince me that a bad liturgy shouldn’t matter all that much in my faith life. Some who don’t know me very well — or at [Read More...]

“If you speak ill of your brother, you kill your brother…”

From today’s homily, Pope Francis offers a message I really need to take to heart: He who speaks ill of his neighbor is a hypocrite who lacks the courage to look to his own shortcomings. Speaking during his homily at morning Mass at the Domus Sanctae Marthae, Pope Francis focused on the fact that gossip [Read More...]

Pope Francis: “Jesus is the Winner…”

That could be the phrase on a new bumper sticker. But it’s Pope Francis in this morning’s homily:  “Jesus is the Winner who has won over sin and death.” Those were the words of Pope Francis on Tuesday morning during his Homily at morning Mass. He was referring to the Letter of St. Paul to [Read More...]

Pope: “Let this be our prayer to the Lord: never kill your neighbor with words”

From today’s homily:  Where there is God there is no hatred, envy or jealousy, and there is no gossip that can kill. This was the message at the heart of Pope Francis’ homily this morning as he celebrated Mass in the Casa Santa Marta after the summer break. The Pope first reflected on today’s liturgical [Read More...]

He had a dream: the story behind Martin Luther King, Jr’s historic speech

As America marks the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, many people may not know that the words “I have a dream” do not appear in the prepared text for the landmark speech—long considered one of the masterpieces of modern rhetoric. One of the men who helped craft that speech 50 years ago, Clarence [Read More...]

Should you use an iPad in church?

Priests have been known to use them for celebrating Mass and for preaching. But the debate about whether it’s appropriate to use iPads in church goes on. Protestant ministers are weighing in:  The tablet may undermine the spatio-temporal nature of church. When a member stands before the congregation, reading the sermon text from a tablet, there is [Read More...]

“Preachers of L.A.: Living the God Life”

That’s the title and tagline of a new reality series about to debut on cable. This press release moved last week: Oxygen Media goes behind the pulpit in an authentic new docu-series,“Preachers of L.A.” premiering on Wednesday, October 9 at 10 PM ET/PT.  From Lemuel Plummer, the executive producer of “Vindicated” and producer of “The Sheards,” and Holly Carter, executive [Read More...]

How long should homilies be?

We talked about this a little at the Redemptorists’ conference in New Jersey this week. Fr. Edward McNamara has more, from ZENIT:  Unfortunately there is relatively little with respect to official norms regarding length of homilies. This is partly inevitable because expectations vary from one culture to another and even from one social milieu to [Read More...]

Next season’s judges on “American Idol”…?

Okay. Maybe not. From left to right: Gary Ziuraitis, CSsR, Director of Communications for the Redemptorist General Government; Rocco “Whispers in the Loggia” Palmo; Your Humble Blogger; Dave Dwyer, CSP, Executive Director of “Busted Halo” and co-host of “Conversation with Cardinal Dolan” on Sirius XM Radio. At the conference I’m attending in Long Branch, New [Read More...]