Fr. Mychal Judge’s last homily: 9/10/01

The now-famous first fatality of 9/11 delivered these remarks the day before he died, at FDNY Engine 73, Ladder 42, Bronx, NY.  *** Good morning, everyone.May the grace of God the Father, peace of God the Son, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.We come to this house this morning to celebrate renewal, rejuvenation, new [Read More...]

More on the seminarian ordained near death: “He will be serving the people of God in heaven”

For those who read this story yesterday and saw the poignant video, more details today from The Tennessee Register:  As William Carmona lay gravely ill in a San Antonio hospital bed, he repeatedly questioned his classmates from nearby Assumption Seminary: “Where is Bishop Choby?” “When will he get here?” And finally: “How many more hours [Read More...]

Pope names two Americans to key posts on sex abuse reform

From John Allen in Crux:  ​Two priests from the United States, one with ties to Chicago and the other a veteran of the Boston archdiocese, have been named to key Vatican roles by Pope Francis in his clean-up effort with regard to the Church’s child sexual abuse scandals. ​Fr. Robert Oliver, who served as a [Read More...]

An answered prayer: a dying man is ordained a deacon and priest

I got this email this morning:  Yesterday I asked for your prayers for a 4th year theologian/seminarian for the Diocese of Nashville, William Carmona. He was due to be ordained a deacon this Fall and ordained a priest in June; however, he is dying from cancer. Bishop  Choby chose to ordain William both as a [Read More...]

Does it matter where you sit for Mass?

A couple weeks ago, Fr. Roger Landry wrote a column for his diocesan newspaper in which he argued that, yes, it does: When people come to a Church that is anything but standing room only, where they opt to worship indicates something about their attitude toward involvement at Mass. Sitting up front is normally a [Read More...]

Behind every great married clergyman…

…is a woman like Mary Alma Parker. She helped make history. She is remembered this day by Fr. Dwight: On Tuesday Mrs Longenecker and I traveled to Charleston for the funeral of Mary Alma Parker. Mary Alma was the wife of Fr James Parker–the first Episcopal priest to be ordained under the Pastoral Provision in the [Read More...]

In a first, a bishop announces plans to take the ALS “ice bucket challenge”

Far as I know, this is the first time a member of the episcopacy is getting soaked for ALS research. But the money will go to a different charity, in line with Catholic teaching. Details:  Bishop David Zubik of the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh is taking the ice bucket challenge to help find a cure for [Read More...]

“Blessing of the planes” in Alaska

Details: Some Anchorage pilots may feel safer in the skies now that a Catholic priest has blessed their planes. Rev. Leo Walsh of St. Benedict’s Catholic Church performed a blessing ceremony Tuesday evening at Lake Hood Seaplane Base. The Catholic priest sprinkled holy water and prayed over about a dozen planes while their owners looked [Read More...]

One priest’s challenge to the “ice bucket challenge”

You may have read about the moral problems of donating to via the “ice bucket challenge.” Now, a blogging priest, Fr. Michael Denk, is offering a challenge of his own…to Check it out. And, like my blog neighbor Fr. Mike Duffy (who first raised ethical questions about this gimmick) he offers an alternative to donating [Read More...]

Have you thanked a priest today?

That’s just one of the ways suggested here for letting a priest in your life know that you appreciate him. Some other ideas: 1. Pray for Your Priest(s) “The most important thing a parishioner can do for his/her priest is pray for them. We are always praying for someone, even required to offer a Mass [Read More...]