After being suspended for sham gay marriage, priest is reinstated

Details:  A Catholic priest suspended for ‘marrying‘ an immigrant to help him stay in the UK has been reinstated. Father Donald Minchew was removed from his position at St Mary’s Catholic Church and as leader of Croydon Ordinariate a year ago after admitting entering into a civil partnership with Pakistani national Mustajab Hussain. In a letter sent [Read More...]

When was the last time you saw a priest do THIS?

From The Brainerd Dispatch in Minnesota Zoe the pot-bellied pig, Bilbo the gecko and Lilly the toad were just a few of the animals the Rev. Blake Rozier, associate pastor of Brainerd Lakes Catholic Churches in Brainerd, agreed to kiss Friday at St. Francis of the Lakes Catholic School. Students filled the school’s gymnasium, chanting [Read More...]

Former Philadelphia sportswriter, 60, about to be ordained a priest

Let’s hear it for another journalist entering religious life. From The Boston Globe:  Kevin Mulligan, about to be ordained a Catholic priest, figures some long and fulfilling days await him. He knows about long days, devotion to duty, seeing a story through to its finish. Soon to turn 60 years old, he spent 25 years [Read More...]

Two brothers, raised Baptist, choose two different faiths as teens

A fascinating read, from The Wall Street Journal: Many people change faiths, but not like Brad and Chad Jones. Identical twins, the brothers grew up in Elkin, N.C., a small town in the Bible Belt, the only children of devout Baptists. As boys, they attended the First Baptist Church of Elkin, studied Scripture, went to [Read More...]

“Priest” offers to hear confessions via Snapchat?

From San Antonio: Instead of turning to church to confess your sins, could you instead turn to your phone? A local ordained priest says he’s offering confessions digitally for the first time through the Snapchat app.  However, some faithful believers are skeptics. “It’s not confession.  It’s not what the sacrament is all about,” said Rev. [Read More...]

Kidnapped mother of priest rescued in Nigeria

Praise God. Details:  The mother of a priest in the Madison Catholic Diocese has been rescued after being kidnapped in Nigeria and held captive for a week, according to the diocese. The woman, Virginia Arinze, had been abducted at gunpoint from her home on the afternoon of Feb. 21, Nigerian time, according to Monsignor James [Read More...]

A priest who spent 50 years “jousting with The New York Times”

Catholic News Agency reports: A lot has changed in journalism since 1961, but not Msgr. Daniel S. Hamilton’s resolve to rebut the New York Times on its editorial opinions regarding matters of faith and morals.The New York priest has submitted Letters to the Editor of the publication since 1961 and recently compiled them all in [Read More...]

Notre Dame’s Rev. Theodore Hesburgh dies

From AP:   The Rev. Theodore Hesburgh was always a man of conscience. He did what he thought was right during his 35 years as president of the University of Notre Dame, even if it meant challenging popes, presidents or legendary football coaches. Hesburgh died late Thursday night on the university campus in South Bend, Indiana. He was 97. [Read More...]

“This is obviously a very serious violation of the commitments, obligations and duties of the priesthood”

My blog neighbor Rebecca Hamilton first posted on this a couple days back, and I’m only now catching up. But all I can add is (as we say in Brooklyn): oy. From Rebecca’s blog: It seems that last November, Father Letourneau secretly got married. He then tried to hide it and continue his work as a [Read More...]

A young priest responds to criticism of the newly ordained

A couple weeks back, a post over at PrayTell got a lot of attention, and stirred up a lot of debate, describing what it called “the pastoral difficulties with newly ordained priests.”  Now a priest ordained in 2011 has offered a thoughtful response. Fr. David M. Friel, a blogging priest from Philadelphia, addresses the specific “difficulties” cited [Read More...]