“Today, the place for Christ is in the street”

The man we now know as Pope Francis, preaching on Palm Sunday 2008:  Today, here in Buenos Aires, like in Jerusalem on that day, the street made way for Jesus. The street received Him properly. The crowd stood, begged for blessings, blessings for their families, blessings for their businesses, their houses, their autos…  Blessing, what does [Read More...]

Married priests: “Why such aversion?”

An alert reader sent this my way: another interesting voice, from Sean Connelly, in the debate over a celibate priesthood: It was recently my distinct displeasure to be roped into a debate about whether, under Canon Law, married deacons in the Latin Rite have an obligation to observe “perfect and perpetual continence.” Those arguing in favour [Read More...]

Come and see: seminarians doing the “Harlem Shake”

Hot on the heels of this video of nuns getting into the act, along comes the video below of seminarians. A reader wrote: Thought you would like to see this video from Saint John Vianney College Seminary [in Miami, FL].  The Minor Seminarians of the Province of Florida produced this a couple of weeks ago. [Read More...]

Cleveland bishop excommunicates priest

This doesn’t happen very often, but it happened yesterday in Ohio:  The Rev. Robert Marrone, who broke away from the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland after Bishop Richard Lennon closed his downtown church in 2010, has been excommunicated, according to a statement issued by the diocese Tuesday. Lennon said in the statement that Marrone violated terms of a [Read More...]

A married priest writes about the “c word”: celibacy

Take it away, Fr. Dwight:  I can speak from experience. I was a celibate Anglican priest for seven years. Then I got married. I was a married Anglican priest for three years. Then we joined the Catholic church. I was in the married state as a layman for ten years. Now I am a married [Read More...]

British cardinal argues for married priests—UPDATED

Details:  Roman Catholic priests should be allowed to marry and have children, Britain’s most senior Catholic cleric said Friday. Cardinal Keith O’Brien, who heads the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland, said the requirement for priestly celibacy is “not of divine origin” and could be reconsidered. He told BBC Scotland that “the celibacy of the clergy, [Read More...]

In Philadelphia, deacons will witness marriages and wear the collar—UPDATED

A deacon in the City of Brotherly Love sent me an e-mail about a little brotherly love from the archbishop. Below is the text of a letter sent to the priests and deacons of Philadelphia: February 13, 2013  Dear Brother Priests and Deacons, An important part of the life and work of the Church [Read More...]

“People are literally fighting over who gets to give me communion…”

That’s one of the more bizarre quotes by an excommunicated Ohio woman who yesterday attempted ordination as a Catholic priest. Get Religion notes that the Toledo Blade did a better-than-average job of covering the run-up to this event; the paper actually mentioned prominently that Beverly Bingle’s ordination was not recognized by the Catholic Church, and [Read More...]

Benedictine artist Father Maur van Doorslaer dies

You have probably seen his work in gift shops or churches and not even realized it.  The image above —depicting The Last Supper— shows his distinctive, simple style. Details, from the Los Angeles Times: Father Maur van Doorslaer lived a kind of double life. For decades, the Benedictine monk spent half the year working in [Read More...]

Why not women priests?

Dominican Father Wojciech Giertych, Theologian to the Papal Household, offers his thoughts, in this video from CNS. [Read more...]