Women’s group plans to use drone to drop abortion pills on Poland

Seriously:  This weekend, the international women’s rights group, Women on Waves, will launch something called an “abortion drone” into the skies in Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany, fly it about a mile to Slubice Poland, and pepper the country with packets of abortion pills. The stunt is meant to make a statement about the current reproductive rights in [Read More...]

Bishop buries fetus, “Baby Francis,” found floating amid sewage

From The Rhode Island Catholic:  Finally, “Baby Francis” is resting in peace. In a simple, but dignified ceremony this morning in a section of Gate of Heaven Cemetery set aside for the repose of babies, Bishop Thomas J. Tobin presided over a Christian burial service for the unborn child he named “Francis,” fulfilling a commitment [Read More...]

Report: abortions down in most states, dropping 12% since 2010

From AP: Abortions have declined in states where new laws make it harder to have them — but they’ve also waned in states where abortion rights are protected, an Associated Press survey finds. Nearly everywhere, in red states and blue, abortions are down since 2010. Explanations vary. Abortion-rights advocates attribute it to expanded access to [Read More...]

Pope Francis: Civilization is measured by its ability to protect life

From Vatican Radio: “The degree of progress of a civilization is measured by its ability to protect life, especially in its most fragile stages.” These were the words of Pope Francis during an audience with the Science and Life Association, who are celebrating their 10th anniversary. The Holy Father began by thanking them for their [Read More...]

Court rules New York can ban “Choose Life” license plates for being controversial, “patently offensive”

From Reuters:  A divided federal appeals court gave New York wide authority to regulate the content of custom license plates, and reversed a lower court ruling ordering the state to let an adoption advocacy group put the words “Choose Life” on its own plates. By a 2-1 vote, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals [Read More...]

Marching for life in Queens

This morning, my parish hosted once again the great Msgr. Philip Reilly and his remarkable apostolate Helpers of God’s Precious Infants. The turnout was small—a couple dozen people—but it was a drizzly, miserable morning. Mass began at 7:45, celebrated by my pastor, Bishop Paul Sanchez, and then we all headed out the door and down Queens [Read More...]

Game changer? Study finds premature babies may survive at 22 weeks

From The New York Times: A small number of very premature babies are surviving earlier outside the womb than doctors once thought possible, a new study has documented, raising questions about how aggressively they should be treated and posing implications for the debate about abortion. The study, of thousands of premature births, found that a [Read More...]

Virginia’s bishops: “The death penalty does not provide true healing, nor embody the Gospel of Life”

This may have escaped your attention yesterday, but it deserves an airing:  The following statement on the death penalty was issued by Arlington Bishop Paul S. Loverde and Richmond Bishop Francis X. DiLorenzo: This year, through the advocacy of the Virginia Catholic Conference, our church spent considerable time opposing legislation related to the death penalty. [Read More...]

Historic: Brain-dead woman kept alive for two months so her baby could be born

Remarkable:  A brain-dead and pregnant Nebraska mother was kept on life support for nearly two months so her baby could survive and be delivered in a historic birth. Karla Perez, 22, became the first person on record in the United States, since 1999, to give birth after being kept on somatic support, health officials said. [Read More...]

“Abortion. Yeah, we do that.”

That’s the catchphrase of a new abortion clinic opening outisde Washington, DC, and they even have a TV ad they’ve produced. See below. I’m trying to think of other catchy catchphrases… “Killing your parents. Yeah, we do that.” “Murdering babies with Down Syndrome. Yeah, we do that.”  “Slaughtering the innocent so you don’t have to. Yeah, we do [Read More...]