Dignity in death: Chicago buries unclaimed fetuses in Catholic cemetery

From The Chicago Tribune:  Grey skies and muddy grounds didn’t keep Yolanda Gamboa from quietly praying at a service for 63 of Cook County’s unclaimed miscarried or stillborn fetuses at Chicago’s Mount Olivet Catholic Cemetery Thursday. “I heard about it on the radio this morning, and it just touched my heart,” said Gamboa, an Oak [Read More...]

Spa-like abortion clinic to open outside Washington

Making murder more comfortable:  With its natural wood floors and plush upholstery, Carafem aims to feel more like a spa than a medical clinic. But the slick ads set to go up in Metro stations across the Washington region leave nothing to doubt: “Abortion. Yeah, we do that.” The Maryland clinic, opening this week in Montgomery [Read More...]

Woman accused of cutting baby from victim’s womb will not be charged with murder

Details:  A Colorado woman accused of luring an expectant mother to a basement and cutting the baby from her belly will not be charged with murder, prosecutors said Thursday night. Catherine Olguin, a spokeswoman for the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office, said prosecutors won’t bring the charge in the baby’s death. But she declined to [Read More...]

Pope Francis: no crime deserves the death penalty

From Vatican Radio:  In a lengthy letter written in Spanish and addressed to the president of the International Commission against the death penalty, Pope Francis thanks those who work tirelessly for a universal moratorium, with the goal of abolishing the use of capital punishment in countries right across the globe. Pope Francis makes clear that [Read More...]

Knights of Columbus responds: “The State Council deeply regrets the violation of policy…”

The latest on the St. Patrick’s Day parade story:  On Thursday afternoon, the Knights of Columbus Virginia State Council posted an updated statement to its website: It said the state council “reaffirms the longstanding policy of the Knights of Columbus not to invite or bestow honors on public officials who do not support the legal [Read More...]

Virginia parish severs ties with Knights of Columbus over plans to honor Gov. Terry McAuliffe —UPDATED

Lifesite News has the scoop: A Virginia Knights of Columbus council is pressing forward with plans to honor pro-abortion, pro-homosexual “marriage” Gov. Terry McAuliffe by having him as grand marshal of its St. Patrick’s Day Parade. In response, the parish priest has strongly reproached the council and cut ties. Norfolk Knights of Columbus Council 3548, which has organized the [Read More...]

If you want to know whether young Catholics are pro-life, look at this

It’s the Pro-life Youth Rally and Mass in Washington, DC. From the archdiocesan website:  The Rally strives to encourage the youth participating in the national March for Life in their witness as disciples of Christ and promoters of the Gospel of Life.  It is the largest annual archdiocesan event, which in many ways has grown to [Read More...]

More young Christians reportedly turning away from artificial birth control

From Al Jazeera:  Jessica Wilson got married five months before she graduated from an evangelical college in 2010. Because she believed that sex is reserved for marriage, it wasn’t much earlier that she had started thinking about what kind of birth control to use. No one in her family or her church had ever questioned [Read More...]

Why he’s no longer pro-life: the “misadventures of Tim Ryan”

The once pro-life congressman switched sides last week—and now here’s some reaction and analysis from Kristen Day of Democrats for Life in The Hill:  His pronouncement is a symptom of a larger problem within the Democratic Party – the abortion litmus test. Democrats once held a 292-seat majority in the U.S House with 110 pro-life [Read More...]

Meet the Jewish boy who grew up to be a married Catholic priest

I remember posting on (then-Deacon) Paul Schenck when he was ordained. He’s back in the news again;  a local paper in Pennsylvania covered his recent appearance at a Theology on Tap and discussed his work for pro-life causes: The Rev. Paul Schenck is a married Catholic priest. You may think that’s a poorly written sentence that should [Read More...]