Resisting the throwaway culture

  Photo: Ed Wilkinson/The Tablet From Bishop Ed Scharfenberger’s weekly column in The Evangelist newspaper: Our defense of the value of each and every human life – from conception to natural death -is really about much more than drawing a line in the sand in the so-termed “culture wars.” It is not about taking sides. [Read More...]

“Botched”: the execution of Clayton Lockett

Horrifying:  A battle of political wills over Oklahoma’s secretive lethal-injection protocol turned into a gruesome scene of macabre theater Tuesday evening, as the state botched the execution of one inmate and halted that of another scheduled later in the night. The mishandling reflects the extraordinary and surreptitious lengths a handful of active death-penalty states are [Read More...]

Intrinsic evil: what the Catholic Church teaches about torture

Over the last 24 hours, in the wake of the Sarah Palin NRA comments, I’ve heard from many Catholics who are evidently unfamiliar with the church’s teaching on torture. Here’s one clear statement, from St. John Paul II, in his 1993 encyclical Veritatis Splendor:    80. Reason attests that there are objects of the human [Read More...]

“Sarah Palin’s statement should shock the conscience”—UPDATED

More commentary on last weekend’s remarks by Sarah Palin—this from canon lawyer Ed Peters:  Sarah Palin’s statement that, if she were in charge, “waterboarding is how we’d baptize terrorists” should shock the conscience… C. S. Lewis warns (I forget where exactly) about one’s glibly getting off, at God’s expense, one-liners that please the crowd but [Read More...]

What we have come to: model plans abortion so she can appear on reality show—UPDATED

From The New York Daily News:   A wannabe celebrity plans to have an abortion just so she can appear on a reality television program. Josie Cunningham, who got pregnant either working as a prostitute or through having sex with a soccer player, says being pregnant is ruining her chances of becoming famous on reality [Read More...]

Woman who underwent fertility treatment carrying the wrong embryos

Oops. Details, from AFP:  A woman who underwent fertility treatment at a clinic in Rome became pregnant with the twins of another couple after their embryos were mixed up, press reports said Sunday. Italy’s health ministry said it was launching an investigation into the mix-up, which was only discovered when the woman was three months [Read More...]

BREAKING: 16-year-old boy arrested in slaying of Nathan Trapuzzano—UPDATED

Details:  Police have arrested a 16-year-old in connection with last week’s murder of 24-year-old father-to-be Nathan Trapuzzano. Simeon Adams, 16, Indianapolis, is being held at the Juvenile Center, according to a release from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. He is recovering from a gunshot wound he received during an incident on April 1 at 1141 W. [Read More...]

John Allen on the Church’s newest “pro-life” cause

From his column in The Boston Globe:  In Catholic parlance, certain terms carry weight far beyond their face value meaning. Calling something a “pro-life” issue, for instance, means not only that it involves the church’s teaching on the sacredness of human life, but that it merits an investment of blood, sweat, and tears tantamount to [Read More...]

New York mother sacrifices her life for her unborn child

From The New York Post:  A New York City mom made the ultimate sacrifice — giving up her own life so her baby girl could live. Doctors told cancer patient Elizabeth Joice that she would never get pregnant, so when she did last year, it was something of a miracle. But joy quickly turned to [Read More...]

Melinda Gates discusses contraceptives and her Catholic faith

It was part of an interview broadcast Tuesday night as part of the TED conference in Canada. From The Vancouver Sun:  Melinda Gates also talked about the personal wrestle she had as a Roman Catholic over her decision to help fund contraceptives for women in developing countries. Condoms may be useful for stopping transmittable diseases, [Read More...]