How NOT to take Communion to the homebound—UPDATED

After igniting some lively discussion on Facebook—and a fair amount of criticism for her approach—Michelle Arnold of Catholic Answers has just removed the Q&A that sparked this post, with the explanation: Sometimes apologists try out new means of making their point—sometimes the new means work, sometimes they don’t. In this case, evidently the word picture I [Read More...]

“He wants pastors”: Pope Francis mandates members of Curia to hear confessions

Details:  As part of Pope Francis’ pastoral reforms, all 44 senior members of the Roman Curia, or governing body, must take turns hearing confession at a church near the Vatican. There is even speculation that Francis himself could hear confessions at the Church of the Santo Spirito in Sassia, just outside the Vatican walls, where [Read More...]

Priest invents confession tool for the deaf

Details:   A retired Filipino priest based in Phoenix, Arizona has invented a computer-based confession tool that would facilitate confession for hearing-impaired penitents. Fr. Romuald P. Zantua, DS, formerly of Daet diocese and founder of a religious community called Disciples of Hope has created a technology-based confession device that will make the valued sacrament of reconciliation [Read More...]

Dying woman gets “bucket list” wish to be married in a Catholic church

And the presider, it turns out, was a deacon. From KHOU in Houston:  Morrissia Sauer only wanted a few more moments of happiness in her final days, and on Saturday the hospice patient received the gift she’d wanted most of all — a trip down the aisle of Houston’s Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart with [Read More...]

Missionaries on the streets of New York City

On a snowy weekend, the Basilica of Old St. Patrick’s in New York’s Little Italy undertook a notable evangelization effort, which they’ve recounted on their Facebook page:  In the spirit of Advent, and following the call of Cardinal Timothy Dolan for every parish to have Confessions available during this time, members of Regnum Christi joined [Read More...]

Trim the tree, then clean your soul

Earlier in the week, I suggested some ways that those of us who spend a lot of time online could examine our consciences. Now comes the perfect opportunity to take the next step and go to confession. The Archdiocese of New York is hosting “Reconciliation Monday” next week, with confession at all the parishes.  They [Read More...]

Report: Methodist Mandela received communion from Catholic priest while in prison

Details:  Nelson Mandela regularly received Communion from a Catholic priest while he was a prisoner on Robben Island,The Tablet has learnt. The anti-apartheid campaigner, who died last Thursday, attended Mass and received Communion from a Jesuit chaplain, although he was raised and registered as a Methodist, the provincial of the Jesuits in East Africa said. Writing [Read More...]

An Examination of Conscience for the Internet

Since it is Advent, and since this is a time for penitence and penance, and since John the Baptist just called us last Sunday to “Repent!,” I thought it worthwhile to consider—and reconsider— how a lot of us spend our time here on the digital continent. Over the weekend, Pope Francis called on the faithful [Read More...]

More on divorce and communion: “There is no middle-ground”

From canon lawyer Ed Peters:  We live in pervasively antinomian times [editor's note: read about antinomianism here], and basic unawareness of law is all around us. Yet ignorance of what law is, of why we have it, and even of how one needs to talk about law in order to make good sense, hampers the [Read More...]

December 3, 1966

It was an unremarkable Saturday. History records that the only newsworthy event on record (or at least, on Wikipedia) was an underground nuclear test performed in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. But on that day I received my First Communion. It was at St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Olney, Maryland. Today, Olney is a sprawling suburb replete with [Read More...]