Archbishop Myers Breaks Silence on Fugee Scandal, Demotes Deputy

Details: A top official in the Archdiocese of Newark — second only to Archbishop John J. Myers — has been sacked from his leadership position for mishandling the supervision of a priest who violated a lifetime ban on ministry to children. Myers, speaking out for the first time on the scandal that has imperiled his [Read More...]

Fugee Update: “This Type of Thing Cannot Happen Again”

From CNS: Father Michael Fugee, a priest of the Newark Archdiocese who recently resigned from active ministry, was arrested late May 20 on charges of violating a court’s “memorandum of understanding” that forbids him from contact with minors. The priest, 52, resigned May 2 after reports surfaced about his being with minors in an apparent violation of [Read More...]

Lifting the Veil on the “Catholic Whistleblowers”

From this morning’s New York Times:  They call themselves Catholic Whistleblowers, a newly formed cadre of priests and nuns who say the Roman Catholic Church is still protecting sexual predators. Although they know they could face repercussions, they have banded together to push the new pope to clean house and the American bishops to enforce the [Read More...]

Fr. Fugee Arrested

Details:  A once-accused pedophile priest in New Jersey has been arrested on charges that he violated a judicial order by having contact with young parish members. The Rev. Michael Fugee, 52, was arrested at St. Antoninus Parish in Newark following an investigation by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office. Fugee entered into an agreement with the [Read More...]

Report: Accused Priests Collecting Mass Stipends—UPDATED

From WLS in Chicago:  Roman Catholic priests who are sex abusers are being paid to handle prayer requests from unsuspecting families. For centuries, the Catholic faithful have arranged masses for sick relatives, deceased loved ones or in the memory of friends. They’re called “intentions” and usually Catholics offer a small donation. The I-Team has discovered [Read More...]

Cardinal O’Brien Leaving Scotland for “Spiritual Renewal, Prayer and Penance”

Details:  Disgraced former Cardinal Keith O’Brien is to leave Scotland for several months after admitting inappropriate sexual conduct during his church career, the Vatican has said. Britain’s most senior Catholic cleric resigned earlier this year amid allegations that he made homosexual approaches to young trainee priests. The Vatican confirmed today that O’Brien will leave Scotland [Read More...]

Abuse report: 11 “credible allegations” against clergy in 2012

Details:  The latest report on child protection in the U.S. Catholic Church found a total of 11 credible allegations of abuse of minors by diocesan clergy in 2012, with a 20% decrease in the numbers of new credible abuse allegations about incidents in the past 60 years. Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, the U.S. [Read More...]

Despite official rebuke, Cardinal Mahony maintains high public profile

From the Los Angeles Times:  When Archbishop Jose Gomez stripped his predecessor, Cardinal Roger Mahony, of public duties for mishandling clergy sex abuse cases, a church spokesman said the retired prelate’s life would remain largely the same with one exception: confirmations. No longer would Mahony preside at springtime rites in which teenagers receive the sacrament that [Read More...]

Newark hires high-profile criminal defense attorney

Details:  The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark has hired Michael Critchley, a high-profile criminal defense lawyer, as prosecutors continue to investigate recent activities of a priest who allegedly molested a 13-year-old boy more than a decade ago. In another development on Wednesday, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the New York archbishop who wields enormous influence among bishops [Read More...]

Newark’s Fr. Fugee resigns

Frank Weathers has the scoop:  The Roman Catholic priest at the center of a public furor enveloping Newark Archbishop John J. Myers has resigned from ministry, a spokesman for the archdiocese said tonight. The Rev. Michael Fugee, who attended youth retreats and heard confessions from minors in defiance of a lifetime ban on such behavior, [Read More...]