“Busting at the seams,” Phoenix adds another church to serve growing Catholic population

This speaks to the vibrant faith of the American southwest—and the burgeoning immigrant population. Details:  A longstanding Catholic parish in Chandler is moving forward with plans to build a second church at the southern end of the city. The new church, called St. Juan Diego…will be part of the existing parish at St. Mary’s Catholic [Read More...]

Awesome: parishioner donates kidney to pastor

From CNS:  A parishioner walks up to her pastor and says, “I want to give you my kidney.” Pastor smiles and says, “OK.” Don’t expect a punchline. It’s no joke. Fr. Michael Whyte arrived at St. Catherine of Siena Parish in 2007 and has been pastor there since 2008. A type 1 diabetic, he began [Read More...]

New York parish serving the deaf slated to close

Details: The choir members filed up to the altar in robes the color of the red roses of Saint Elizabeth, the patron saint of their beloved church. They arrayed themselves on two risers and looked to the choir director for a cue. Then they raised their hands in unison and began to sign. “Jesus,” they [Read More...]

USCCB report: Young Catholics “agree to disagree” about some Church teachings

From Catholic News Agency:  While a failure to understand doctrine is present in many segments of the Catholic population, young adults are exhibiting an alarmingly casual attitude towards accepting Church teaching, a study commissioned by the U.S. bishops has found.“They feel completely Catholic even while disagreeing with the Church. We often heard ‘the Pope is [Read More...]

Bringing it all back to Jesus

Writer (and former Paulist priest) James Carroll offers his thoughts on what’s ailing the Catholic Church in Sunday’s New York Times: Sometimes, when I kneel alone in a pew in the far back shadows of a church, face buried in my hands, a forbidden thought intrudes: You should have left all this behind a long time [Read More...]

Ways churches drive away first-time visitors

Any of this look familiar? This comes from Protestant writer and theologian Thom S. Rainer, but I can’t help but think it has Catholic applications, as well. We live in an era of rampant church-shopping. How hard are parishes trying to make themselves appealing? Check it out: If you attend a church regularly, you’ve probably [Read More...]

R.I.P., Mary Newman

Every parish has its familiar fixtures: the windows, the statues, the shrines, the candles.  At my parish in Queens for years we have also had a determined little woman with a delicate Irish brogue and a world-weary smile: Mary Newman. She was a force of nature. Mary was unquestionably the most determined and tireless fundraiser [Read More...]

A man of God with a gun?

The Anchoress had a scare the other night—and it turns out, there are many out there who believe the best weapon against Satan may not be prayer, but a pistol. Check this out, from Huffington Post:  Every email Carl Chinn sends features the same signature: his name, followed by Chapter 4, Verse 9 from the [Read More...]

Dress up for Mass?! Absurd.

Well, looking around the pews on any given Sunday, I get the impression that’s what some people seem to think. I wrote about that a couple years ago. Now a blog dubbed The Catholic Gentleman has taken up the cause. The author offers some advice:  While I think every man should dress up for mass, [Read More...]

“Amazing”: Serving as Lector Before Three Million at WYD

A teenager from the U.S. at World Youth Day tells all:  The young woman who proclaimed a Scripture reading at the Papal Mass at World Youth Day said that it was an unforgettable experience that enabled her to encounter the Church in a unique way. “It was amazing to look out and see more than [Read More...]