A lost generation? Maybe not

Some highlights of the big conference at Fordham earlier this week, on 20-somethings and the Church, courtesy CNS: Catholic young adults aren’t as attached to the church as their counterparts from the 1940s and 1950s, but they are hardly a lost generation and have not abandoned the faith, according to speakers at a two-day forum [Read More...]

History: Archdiocese posts baptism records of slaves online

A powerful and painful piece of history is now available online. Details, from the New Orleans Times-Picayune: The Archdiocese of New Orleans on Tuesday unveiled an internet database listing the baptisms of thousands of slaves and other persons of color at St. Louis Cathedral beginning in 1777 — deploying a tool church officials said would [Read More...]

Happy Candlemas, Jesus!

Tomorrow is the big day, and lots of folks are getting ready… From the In My Backyard Desk…a colorful look at preparations underway in Brooklyn, courtesy the New York Times: Norma Castro laid the familiar figure on the counter before her, next to a basket of poblano peppers. Then, ignoring the twangy bachata music that [Read More...]

Quote of the day II: what we may hear with married priests

“Well!  I see another year has gone by and the pastor’s wife still isn’t pregnant.  A fine example they’re setting!  I won’t have them teaching my children CCD, since his own wife is clearly on the Pill.” – Simcha Fisher, with some other droll observations, too. [Read more...]

Quote of the day

“If only 15% of Catholics go to Mass on a given Sunday, look around and see how many of them are old. Even the 15% who are there won’t be there for very long. The solution is simple: we must return to the supernatural realities of the historic faith and evangelize like the Apostles of [Read More...]

Catholics say the darndest things — UPDATED

Matt Archbold’s got a little list. And it’s worth sharing and spreading around: 1) Whispered by a father in the pew behind me to his children who were being a little noisy: “When we get to the car I’m testing all of you on what the gospel was. And if you get it wrong you’re [Read More...]

Take our bread: electronic giving on the rise at church

Could the collection plate soon be a thing of the past? From Reuters: Brie Hall felt awkward the first few times she passed the collection basket at her Catholic church without tossing in a donation envelope. But it is more convenient to give her gift to God by direct debit from her checking account. The [Read More...]

Man plans cross-country run to encourage prayer

Here’s an unusual story about a man with a mission — and, hopefully, strong ankles. From CNA: A Catholic man is running across America and praying the whole way. Despite the difficulties he has faced, he says he wants to use his talents to serve God and to help those he prays for. Jeff Grabosky, [Read More...]

Mom with a mission launches her own Catholic publishing company

How many people see a need and actually try to fill it? Meet one woman who is doing just that. From Catholic News Agency: Cheryl Dickhow was teaching English and Religion to Catholic junior high students over the course of several years, she began to notice a problem. Although she was able to provide books [Read More...]

Some church protestors refusing to give up — or leave

They got some unwelcome news this week from the Vatican, but holdouts in Massachusetts are continuing to hold out, and hold on. From the Boston Globe: When the news came this week that Pope Benedict XVI had rejected the last-ditch appeal of a group of former parishioners to reopen nine churches closed in 2003 and [Read More...]