Study: multicultural parishes growing in U.S.; Hispanic membership booming

Details: The percentage of multicultural Catholic parishes in the U.S. is on the increase, according to research by the Georgetown University-based Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA). The report also indicates that some 29.7 million U.S. residents who self-identify as Hispanic or Latino are estimated to be Catholic, representing about 59 percent of [Read More...]

Poll: most Catholics who attend Mass weekly support gay marriage, women priests

Details: American Catholics agree 68 – 23 percent, with little difference between more observant and less observant Catholics, with Pope Francis’ recent observation that the Church has become too focused on issues such as homosexuality, abortion and contraceptives, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released today (October 4). Support for the Pope’s observation is [Read More...]

“You can make a difference”: a terrific stewardship video

We’re just launched a new stewardship drive at my parish. The video below, produced and edited by one of our parishioners, Roger Aguinaldo, was shown at all the Masses this morning. It gives a great glimpse at life in my corner of the world—and features a poignant cameo appearance by my late former pastor.  Take a [Read More...]

Move over “nones” and make room for “nominals”

A trend worth noting, from Religion News Service:  They’re rarely at worship services and indifferent to doctrine. And they’re surprisingly fuzzy on Jesus. These are the Jewish Americans sketched in a new Pew Research Center survey, 62 percent of whom said Jewishness is largely about culture or ancestry and just 15 percent who said it’s [Read More...]

Hispanics becoming less Catholic

From the Washington Post:  A new poll finds that major changes in religious affiliation are underway among Hispanic Americans, who are becoming less Catholic and more evangelical and unaffiliated. The poll released Friday by the Public Religion Research Institute shows 53 percent of Hispanics identify as Catholic, compared with 69 percent who say they were raised [Read More...]

New Orleans archbishop orders school calendars changed to keep Sundays free

Details:  After months of nudging Catholics to reclaim Sunday as a day to attend Mass and spend time with family, New Orleans Archbishop Gregory Aymond is mandating that Catholic schools clear their calendars that day each week. Aymond began asking schools last year to tweak practice schedules and reschedule social events so harried families could [Read More...]

“I walked out of Mass and said, ‘I can’t do this anymore’…”—UPDATED

Writer Mary DeTurris Poust unloads:  One of the reasons I cried while reading Pope Francis’ stunning and inspiring interview with America magazine last week was because I have been starving for what he’s calling the Church to be. I have been desperate for a shepherd, for someone who wants to meet me in my darkness and walk with me [Read More...]

Duquesne disputes claims surrounding death of adjunct professor

This story, posted earlier in the week, received tons of attention from around the internet—and the university that employed the teacher now says the charges in the column are untrue. Details from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:  An op-ed piece Wednesday in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recounting the death of a longtime Duquesne University adjunct professor fueled online anger nationally [Read More...]

The “black Tebow”? Meet Prince Amukamara—Catholic football star and a virgin

Details:  Giant’s cornerback Prince Amukamara is being compared to Tim Tebow as more people take notice of his religious convictions. Amukamara has been seen praying on the field, but it’s his off-the-field that also has people talking. For example, the 24-year-old footballer is a virgin and is not ashamed of the fact. “Yeah, some people [Read More...]

Professional and poor: the story of Margaret Mary Vojtko—UPDATED

I think this is a story that needs to be told.  When we think of the poor, we don’t usually think of people like this. It comes from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:  On Sept. 1, Margaret Mary Vojtko, an adjunct professor who had taught French at Duquesne University for 25 years, passed away at the age [Read More...]