Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike! What day is it, Mike?

Happy Hump Day from these guys in Jordan. [Read more...]

Bible that replaced God with Kanye West pulled from website

Was it a hoax? Or just a tasteless publicity stunt? The Christian Post reports: A novelty Bible honoring rap artist, Kanye West, has been removed from a popular website in the wake of growing complaints. It is unclear whether or not the book is a hoax. The Book of Yeezus, which is a nod to West’s [Read More...]

Oh boy, do I know the feeling…

This is for all the priests, deacons, altar servers, choir members, musicians, organists, music directors, lectors, EMHCs, ushers, florists and assorted volunteers who went above and beyond. (And special props, by the way, to the spouses, who put up with it all…) Wake me on Tuesday. [Read more...]

Three observations from Easter 2015

Well, as I sit here at home in my pajamas at 10 a.m. on Monday morning, still in an incense-induced stupor after four days of chanting, kneeling, prostrating, processing, hoisting, carrying, lighting, extinguishing, rehearsing, proclaiming, preaching, communion-giving and “Happy Easter-ing” to people at the church doors, I’m struck by three small but perhaps significant developments. Make [Read More...]

Before Holy Thursday, there is Spy Wednesday

The day before Holy Thursday is traditionally known as “Spy Wednesday” — when Judas “spied” for an opportunity to betray Jesus. (The 13th century fresco above shows him being paid his 30 pieces of silver.) This day comes complete with its own traditions and customs: Wednesday is known as Spy Wednesday because on this day Judas [Read More...]

Cheers: Catholic Church opens a bar

Details:  A bar being run by the Catholic Church might sound like the setting for a lame Irish joke, but it’s not Irish and it’s no joke. AFP reports that a bar recently opened in northern France with the backing of the Catholic Church. Bar Cana in Lille launched this month as part of an [Read More...]

What does the priest see during Mass?

A couple of photographers decided to find out: Have you ever wondered what the priest standing at the altar sees during mass? It’s an unusual point of view, not one just anyone gets a chance to appreciate. But now, thanks to a remote-controlled camera set up behind church altars in Italy, everyone has a chance [Read More...]

Catholic high school requires girls to submit photos of their prom dresses for approval

View image | gettyimages.com From Huffington Post: A controversy over prom dresses has erupted at a Pennsylvania high school following the announcement of a new policy requiring girls to submit photographs of their dresses for pre-approval before the big event. According to the York Daily Record, Delone Catholic High School in McSherrystown announced the new [Read More...]

When was the last time you saw a priest do THIS?

From The Brainerd Dispatch in Minnesota Zoe the pot-bellied pig, Bilbo the gecko and Lilly the toad were just a few of the animals the Rev. Blake Rozier, associate pastor of Brainerd Lakes Catholic Churches in Brainerd, agreed to kiss Friday at St. Francis of the Lakes Catholic School. Students filled the school’s gymnasium, chanting [Read More...]

Religion on the menu: how some restaurants make adjustments for Lent

An interesting insight from the pages of The Economist:  Drop into the McDonald’s branch in Syntagma, the central square of Athens, at this time of year and you will find that “fast food” has a double meaning. Along with the familiar burgers and fries, customers have the option of meals that conform with the dietary rules observed by Orthodox Christians during Lent: essentially vegan, [Read More...]