RIP, Ned O’Gorman

This news broke while I was away this weekend. Ned O’Gorman represents part of a dying breed of social justice Catholics from the generation that counted among its heroes and contemporaries visionaries like Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton. I learned this morning that his funeral will be held tonight at St. Paul the Apostle, the [Read More...]

Who’s that guy in the green shirt? You’ll never guess.

Second from the right? In green shirt and blue pants? Osama Bin Laden. Visiting Sweden with his family in the ’70s. That’s one of 20 incredible pieces of history in this amazing album of historical photos. Check out the rest. [Read more...]

How Catholics—and Lent—changed the McDonald’s menu

An alert reader found this news online: Chick-Fil-A is introducing a fish sandwich for Lent.  That sent me scurrying to find this interesting fast food footnote for you, on this Fat Tuesday, from Smithsonian Magazine.  It relates how the owner of a McDonald’s franchise in Ohio faced a daunting challenge back in 1959: Though Lou [Read More...]

The future is here: check out the incredible table / tablet that Pizza Hut is promoting

Wow. Just…wow. First, helicopter drones delivering books for Amazon, now this. Behold the concept for a new table that the restaurant chain is developing, wherein the table doubles as a tablet, and can be used for ordering food, paying your bill and even gaming. [Read more...]

Matthew McConaughey, Mass-goer?

A great big H/T to Terry Mattingly over at Get Religion, who unearthed this nugget while reporting on the actor’s Oscar speech: It has been two years since the paparazzi literally chased McConaughey and his fiance (at that time) after church during the Cannes Film Festival. That led tot his material in The Daily Mail: The [Read More...]

Why not “Ashes to Go”?

Our Anglican siblings have been promoting this idea for a few years: On Ash Wednesday 2010, three Chicago-area Episcopal congregations independently took ashes and prayer to suburban train stations, Prayer on the street cornerand discovered commuters hungry for a moment of prayer, renewal and grace. Those who had no time to attend services or had [Read More...]

“Not yet, Daddy still here”: Man declared dead wakes up in body bag

Memo to self: leave explicit instruction to make sure they DOUBLE CHECK before carting me off to the funeral home. Meantime, I would not want to be the guy who saw this fellow “kicking inside the body bag.” Incredible:  A Mississippi man woke up in a body bag as funeral home workers prepared to embalm [Read More...]

“Dear Jimmy Fallon…”

My blog neighbor Katrina Fernandez—reading of the late night host’s Catholic roots—wants to woo him back. She writes:  A few years ago you surprised and delighted us all by declaring your papist roots in an NPR interview. Only, did you know your interview has been and continues to be used by some as justification to vilify Vatican [Read More...]

Ah, only in New York…

Yes, evidently they really do have things like this:  If Jewish food were to have a signature scent, it would be the smell of Katz’s deli — at least for me. The aroma of corned beef brined in spices, pastrami dripping with fat, fried potato knishes and freshly sliced rye assaults the senses the second [Read More...]

No joke: country facing national clown shortage

Though some politicians may make us feel otherwise, industry professionals insist this a dying art.  (H/T Dennis Poust) Details from The NY Daily News: As the “Greatest Show on Earth” returns to Brooklyn Thursday, circus folk fear a national clown shortage is on the horizon. Membership at the country’s largest trade organizations for the jokesters [Read More...]