Scaring the sin out of you: the Christian “haunted house” industry

Huffington Post takes a peek inside the Halloween phenomenon and introduces readers to the man behind it. Keenan Roberts didn’t invent the idea of scaring Christian youth into salvation, but he has done more than anyone else to turn it into an industry. For $299—and with the Denver-based pastor’s approval—you can build your own “Hell [Read More...]

Oy: the growing popularity of “Jews for Tebow”

They’re kvelling.  They even have t-shirts (like the one above). Details: Jets quarterback Tim Tebow has had an ardent following since college, but in one particular case, he has quite a “tribe” behind him. Meet the self-named, self-proclaimed chosen ones for the Jets backup quarterback, the “Jews for Tebow.” The group, started last November after [Read More...]

“Jesus” among popular passwords in 2012

Not sure what to make of that.  But it does indicate, I suppose, that “Jesus” is The Way—or at least, the way to get your e-mail. Details:  Time to check your password. Password management company SplashData has analyzed millions of passwords released online by hackers to compile its list of the most used passwords of [Read More...]

Apple: the 21st century religion?

If you caught any of the big launch event yesterday for the new Apple products—including the long-anticipated iPad Mini—you might have felt like you were in church.  That may not be a coincidence. Details from the Christian Science Monitor:  We asked Kirsten Bell, an anthropologist at the University of British Columbia in Canada, to look [Read More...]

Now it can be told: how they created those realistic raptors in “Jurassic Park”

From Stan Winston comes this fascinating glimpse at how they made those dinosaurs so realistic. It’s not as technically sophisticated as you might think: ultimately, it was mostly a guy in a rubber suit. Check it out, though. It’s surprising, and fascinating. [Read more...]

Holy water: video of California’s “Blessing of the Waves”

I posted on this a few days back, now there’s video! Check out this report on the Blessing of the Waves, complete with every religion imaginable — and Dean of Jan & Dean, to boot! [Read more...]

Incredible: man’s transformation after face transplant

This seems like something you’d find in the Weekly World News at the supermarket checkout. But this is just remarkable—and inspiring. I might even call it miraculous. From Huffington Post:  Seven months after receiving the most comprehensive face transplant in history, 37-year-old Richard Lee Norris is now able to come out of the shadows. “For the past [Read More...]

Obscene: 2012 Neiman Marcus catalog and its $100,000 chicken coop

Details: Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus rolled out its annual holiday catalog Tuesday, and the priciest gift this year is a pair of “his and hers” timepieces for just over $1 million from Van Cleef & Arpels. The watches depict a tale of lost love on the faces and come with a trip to romantic Paris [Read More...]

School district orders football team to remove cross from logo

Details: A Wisconsin school district has ordered a joint public-private school football team to change its logo – in the middle of the season — after a lone parent said the inclusion of a bishop’s hat and cross was a violation of the U.S. Constitution. Martin Lexmond, superintendent of the Shorewood School District, told Fox [Read More...]

Making a splash: California gets ready for annual Blessing of the Waves

A preview from the Los Angeles Times: Surfing luminaries and religious figures will converge in Huntington beach on Sunday for an unusual event. At the fifth annual Blessing of the Waves, an interfaith service sponsored by the Diocese of Orange, Tom Morey — the inventor of the Boogie Board — will represent the Baha’i Faith. [Read More...]