What happens when deacons stand on a street with a sign offering “Free Blessings”?

Seminarian Connor Danstrom, from Mundelein Seminary, did that in downtown Chicago a few days ago and wrote about it over at Word on Fire: “Without cost you have received, without cost you are to give.” My phone told me it was three degrees when I woke up at 7 A.M. This was the gospel reading [Read More...]

“Apologetics: I’m Not Really Sorry”: new online course for priests and deacons

FOB (Friend of the Bench) Patrick Madrid dropped me a line this morning and asked if I’d alert deacons and priests to his online course for continuing formation that’s about to get underway. It’s happening through the Sacred Heart Institute, a cooperative effort between the Archdiocese of New York and two neighboring dioceses, Rockville Centre [Read More...]

A man of God with a gun?

The Anchoress had a scare the other night—and it turns out, there are many out there who believe the best weapon against Satan may not be prayer, but a pistol. Check this out, from Huffington Post:  Every email Carl Chinn sends features the same signature: his name, followed by Chapter 4, Verse 9 from the [Read More...]

Research sheds light on “near death” experiences, discovers surge in electrical activity in the brain

Details, from The Telegraph:  Near death experiences in which people report “seeing the light” could be explained by increases in electrical activity in the brain after the heart stops, scientists have found. The first study to examine the neurophysiological state of the dying brain in animals has identified surges in activity, which suggest a level [Read More...]

How to fold a shirt in under two seconds

This will change my life forever … [Read more...]

That “aha” moment: God, spirituality and the science of 12-step programs

An interesting glimpse inside the science of the recovery movement, and some insight into conversion, too, from National Geographic: Established treatment facilities like Sierra Tucson offer everything from traditional medicine to such alternative approaches as equine therapy and healing circles. According to Nia Sipp, staff psychiatrist with Sierra Tucson, the goal is not just removing the substance [Read More...]

Man steals computer from church, gets caught after trying to have porn block removed

You can’t make this stuff up. From KRMG Radio in Oklahoma: Police say an employee at the Owasso First Assembly of God called officers about the stolen computer.  He tipped off officers it had to be somebody familiar with the church because there were no signs of a break in and nothing else was touched. [Read More...]

Amazing: New Zealand’s new cardboard cathedral

Details:  The 6.3-magnitude earthquake that hit Christchurch, New Zealand in 2011 killed more than 200 people and damaged thousands of buildings, including the city’s oldest church, a grand stone copy of a gothic cathedral in Oxford. This week, two years after it fell, its replacement is open to the public. And it’s unlike anything ever [Read More...]

Everybody nedes an editor

Or, at least, a proofreader and, maybe, spellcheck.  Spotted on Long Island, our tax dollars at work: Source. [Read more...]

Signs of dignity and hope

A remarkable project in Boston: Every few weeks the guys behind Signs for the Homeless sit down with a homeless person around Boston and listen to their story which they share on their site. They also make a donation in exchange for the person’s old, scrawled, cardboard sign and replace it with a snappy, creative, hand-painted version [Read More...]