“How can you represent Jesus like this?”

Do we recognize Jesus when we encounter him? That’s a question I’ll be addressing in this weekend’s homily—it’s one of the themes buried in the story of the disciples traveling to Emmaus—and I’ll be talking specifically about this controversial sculpture by Timothy Schmalz. The Christian Post has more: Chicago is the most recent city to [Read More...]

Rent-a-Gent: for the woman who has almost everything

Well, this is different: Now you can have your beefcake and have someone feed it to you, too. That’s the idea behind “Rent a Gent,” a new escort service that offers up hireable hunks to serve as handymen, arm candy and sexy task rabbits, or even just to make your ex jealous. Actually, revenge was [Read More...]

Cross purposes: an explanation of the Russian Orthodox cross

With events in Ukraine continuing to dominate the headlines, and crosses like the one above become more familiar, this item deserves some attention. An Eastern Rite friend posted this on Facebook, and I thought it was pretty interesting: an explanation of the “three-bar cross” used among the Orthodox. A lot of complex and beautiful imagery [Read More...]

Are chapel veils coming back?

CNS has a very good video looking at the phenomenon of chapel veils coming back into fashion. [Read more...]

Andrea Bocelli drops by Miami church for Easter Mass

This seems to a regular stop for him. Details: The Zaldivar family got a tip last week that famous Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli may be at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church on Easter Sunday for a repeat performance of last year’s surprise visit. So instead of having brunch as they typically do on Easter, the Zaldivar [Read More...]

From death to life: joining a parish gives meaning to men on death row

From CNS: Some of the newest members of Holy Family Parish will never attend Mass at their church. They will never talk with fellow parishioners over coffee and doughnuts after Mass, join the church choir or volunteer for a mission trip. They are inmates on death row at Riverbend Maximum Security Institution in Nashville. Some [Read More...]

They celebrate Easter…HOW?

In Prague, it seems, everybody wants to wish you a Hoppy Easter.  They got an early start today in the city’s main square with the traditional rabbit obstacle course competition. You get an idea of what’s involved above. For more…Czech out other pictures at this link.   Photo: Reuters/David W. Cerny [Read more...]

F-bombs and Palm Sunday: Mark Wahlberg at MTV Movie Awards

The Catholic actor took the stage at the MTV Awards last night—and it was definitely different: The 2014 MTV Movie awards was filled with its usual wild antics, but the Twitter universe was especially talking about Mark Wahlberg’s acceptance speech in which he cursed profusely, encouraged Americans to go for the dream, and publicly confessed [Read More...]

Restoring the Holy Stairs shrine: “We touch history”

Fascinating stuff, from CNS:  A restorer carefully peeled back a thin wet veil of paper from a black sooty wall to see what was hidden underneath. From behind the layers of grime and dirt emerged the frescoed images of a fallen Roman column, a flock of fluffy sheep and a pink sunset sky over a [Read More...]

Christians? What would the neighbors think?

A mother struggles with being both a Christian and a liberal academic—and it sounds like she’s embarrassed about it. Here’s writer Christin Taylor in The New York Times:  As I drove home from church, I eyed the bright foam sign my 6-year-old daughter held. “Jesus is Alive” it read in kid scrawl. “We’re supposed to [Read More...]