One reason why my wife doesn't want to be cremated

It’s because creepy stuff like this actually does happen: A South African man awoke to find himself in a morgue fridge – nearly a day after his family thought he had died, a health official said Monday. Health department spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said the man awoke Sunday afternoon, 21 hours after his family called in [Read More...]

World Youth Day: Michael Voris not approved by us

Blogger and writer Patrick Madrid uncovered this news and describes it as “perhaps unprecedented”: the organizers of WYD have officially disavowed any connection with one of the people appearing there. From the WYD web site: WYD Cultural Program Participants Must Be Endorsed by Bishops’ Conferences It has come to our attention that Michael Voris, a [Read More...]

You need a lot of balls to play here

Seriously.  The world’s highest tennis court, in Dubai. Read all about it. [Read more...]

Three sets of parents attempt to name their babies "Lucifer"

As a result, that name is one of several that are now legally unacceptable in New Zealand. Details: The devilish name has been effectively banned by the New Zealand names registrar after three sets of parents had the name denied, says The West Australian. In the past two years there have been 102 rejected names, [Read More...]

Too hot? Here's something cool

From those geniuses in Japan: how to quickly cool a hot car without waiting for the a/c to do the job.  You roll down the window on one side, and use the car door on the other side to “fan” the hot air out the open window.  Don’t believe it?  Just watch.  You can thank [Read More...]

Pilgrim people: Orlando's unique tourism ministry

Visitors to the theme parks are probably aware of Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary Queen of the Universe near Disney World. But there’s even more in that popular vacation region. A look at this unique ministry in Florida Catholic: The Apostleship of the Sea ministers to crew members and passengers of the cruise [Read More...]

Children of conspicuous consumption

The economy is tanking, unemployment is climbing, America is bracing for a possible financial calamity that could slide us into a recession (or worse) … and yet, parents are spending up to tens of thousands of dollars for stuff like this. From the New York Times: Apart from the open bar by the swimming pool, [Read More...]

Sheer genius: one man, dozens of celebrities, all doing Shakespeare

I howled. This is really something.  Actor/impressionist Jim Meskimen with three minutes of bedazzling ingenuity. [Read more...]

Good news for guys like me

Science is proving what we’ve known all along: it’s not that bad being a beta. Details: From the wild to Wall Street, as everyone knows, the alpha male runs the show, enjoying power over other males and, as a field biologist might put it, the best access to mating opportunities. The beta is No. 2 [Read More...]

Time flies: an image 30 years in the making

Below, a remarkable juxtaposition: snapshots of a father and son watching the very first space shuttle launch, and the very last. Details here. [Read more...]