“Nothing is a failure”: Sandra Bullock’s terrific commencement speech

This is an instant classic, delivered last weekend to the kids at Warren Easton charter school in New Orleans. The complete text:   I was trying to remember my graduation and, oddly, I couldn’t remember anything. I remembered how good I looked and then I went back and looked at pictures and I really didn’t [Read More...]

Family, church feud over portrait of priest

From The New York Times:  The family of Msgr. Patrick J. Garvey, a Catholic priest who was once friendly with the realist painter Thomas Eakins, is trying to block the Archdiocese of Philadelphia from selling a valuable Eakins portrait of the monsignor through the auction house Christie’s. The archdiocese said that the painting was given [Read More...]

Jackie Kennedy’s revealing correspondence with an Irish priest

With the 20th anniversary of her death approaching, suddenly, Jackie O is popping up everywhere.   The Washington Post offers us this insight into her life, culled from letters to a priest she only met twice:  For more than a decade, Jacqueline Kennedy revealed pieces of her life in ink that she never spoke of — [Read More...]

Was Jackie Onassis excommunicated?

Someone is raising that question, and Ed Peters answers it: Any talk of Jackie’s excommunication centers on her October 1968 wedding to Aristotle Onassis. At the time, Jackie was (tragically of course) a free-to-marry Roman Catholic. Ari was a baptized non-Catholic divorced from another woman and thus not free to marry (1917 CIC 1069). The Jackie-Ari [Read More...]

Great moments in advertising placement

From a newspaper in Alaska.It doesn’t get much worse than this. Read all about it here.  [Read more...]

Satanist petitions to open city meetings with a prayer: “I just want equal billing”

I can’t imagine this getting very far, but you never know. Details:  On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that government meetings are allowed to open with prayer – even though currently in this country, the vast majority of such prayers are geared toward Christianity. The case was prompted in Greece, New York, where ministers are often [Read More...]

No, this picture isn’t scandalous

Over the past few days, some readers have asked me what I thought of this image, showing a new clothing line for women ministers in England. Some of the response around Facebook has been brutal, with a few commentators calling it “heretical,” “scandalous” and “blasphemous.” I gather the source of scandal is the notion of [Read More...]

Most popular baby names for 2013

From the Social Security Administration, via USA TODAY, here they are: Noah ended Jacob’s 14-year reign as the top baby name for boys in 2013, while Sophia was the most popular name for girls for the third straight year, the Social Security Administration announced Friday. Jacob slipped to third; Liam was second. Among girls, Emma and Olivia ranked second [Read More...]

Monica Lewinsky: “I’m determined to have a different end to my story”

She’s telling her story for the first time, and evidently trying to move on with her life. Whatever one may think of her and the president who made her name an international punchline, there’s a lot here for a Christian to ponder during this season of resurrection, renewal, mercy and growth. How many of us [Read More...]

“They took confessionals and he put them in his bar as urinal stalls”

  Photo: by Evan Boudreau/Catholic Register From The Catholic Register in Canada comes this story of one man’s efforts to save the sacred:   When Mark Siolek read an article about a bar owner purchasing confessionals from the Archdiocese of Buffalo to be used in bathrooms, his stomach turned. “They were having like a church yard [Read More...]