Pregnant Like Me

That could be the title of a revealing memoir by Gaby Rodriguez  (with a nod to the classic “Black Like Me“), recounting her experiences as a pregnant teen — who, it turns out, wasn’t really pregnant after all. Details: After surviving six months of high school with a steadily growing baby bump, Gaby Rodriguez finally [Read More...]

Further proof that no one knows anything

Totally off topic, but awfully interesting …and, I think, even inspiring. I stumbled on this intriguing account of a meeting between Walt Disney and a focus group of amusement park owners who, in the early 1950s, were given the first look at plans for Disneyland.    What did they think of it? Not much: Walt’s [Read More...]

Was Holy Thursday really on Wednesday?

One scholar thinks so — and is suggesting that we got the date of the Last Supper wrong. From the Sydney Morning Herald: One of the most famous meals in history is commemorated a day late, a new book by a Cambridge University physicist claims. Professor Sir Colin Humphreys, who was knighted last year for [Read More...]

Got a minute? Make a cross

If you’re wondering what to do with those long, leafy fronds you got at church today, here’s the answer. It shows you, in one minute, how to turn a palm leaf into a cross. Meantime, the truly ambitious can try the designs at this website.  (Thanks, Shana!) [Read more...]

And now, from the Ringling Brothers Desk …

Tomorrow is World Circus Day and, in lieu of a Clown Mass, the Vatican is offering something a little more serious. From CNS: The rights of circus and carnival workers must be protected and circus animals must be properly cared for and treated ethically, said a top Vatican official. Archbishop Antonio Veglio, president of the Pontifical [Read More...]

Catholic higher education: lap dances by strippers?

So it seems.  It reportedly happened at La Salle (my father’s alma mater) in Philadelphia. Details: A La Salle University professor, Jack Rappaport, has been suspended for allegedly hiring strippers to give lap dances at an extra-credit seminar on business ethics. Rappaport was in the front of the classroom and three bikini-clad and miniskirted women were on [Read More...]

Quote of the day

From a man who knew a thing or two about living… “We’re going to die. Some people are scared of dying. Never be afraid to die. Because you’re born to die.” – Walter Bruening, the world’s oldest man, who died yesterday at the age of 114. Read more. [Read more...]

Someone should alert Doc Brown

And now, another reason to pray for the people of China: In a bizarre move, China’s television censors have issued new guidelines that all but ban TV dramas featuring time travel. In a statement (available here in Chinese) dated March 31, the State Administration for Radio, Film & Television said that TV dramas that involve characters [Read More...]

Want to meet a hero? Here

They should be naming elementary schools and highways for this man.  RIP, Bob Howard. He passed away in 2009, but someone put this on Facebook today.  IMO, we can never be reminded too often of men like this. [Read more...]

A reader is dyeing to know…

Here’s a classic Easter-time quandary. A friend writes: How terrible is it if I have little kids come over to the apartment on Good Friday and color Easter eggs? I answered: “Not terrible at all.  The color is black, right?” She wasn’t amused. Any thoughts?  What do you think? [Read more...]