Baby Jesus stolen from nativity scene

While not exactly the crime of the century, it’s one that has understandably upset a lot of people. From a newspaper in Rochester: Parishoners of St. Mary’s Catholic Church on Lowell Street were shocked Christmas morning to find a major piece of its nativity scene missing: baby Jesus. Church secretary Suzanne Verrill said it appears [Read More...]

New York church replaces atheist billboard with one about God

Could this be a sign of Peace on Earth? It appears that the battle of the billboards is, for now, over. Details from the Christian Post: Just in time for Christmas, the atheist billboard in New Jersey that declared Christmas is a “myth” was replaced this week with a Christian ad. A “God is” billboard, [Read More...]

Yes, Virginia, your family is keeping your legacy alive

The descendants of the little girl who inspired one of the most famous Christmas sayings ever are continuing to spread the message of the season. From the New York Times: A 6-year-old girl was sitting in the back seat of her grandfather’s truck last month, debating the existence of Santa Claus. She had questions and [Read More...]

Christ is born!

I’ve seen him for myself, at my parish. A snapshot from Christmas Eve, below. I told the father: “He’s the best baby Jesus ever! I mean, the SECOND best!” [Read more...]

Gimme five!

Shaquille O’Neal greets a tiny fan in Boston. How adorable is that?  He was in town as a guest conductor of the Boston Pops, and the New York Times has the rest of the story. [Read more...]

The President, the Pope and the Prime Minister

A new book looks at the pivotal roles played by three world leaders  in defeating Soviet communism. Details, from Zenit: Pope John Paul II, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher were well known for their tenacious and principled leadership that, according to many historians, combined to help defeat Soviet communism. But what can we learn from [Read More...]

The greatest toy story ever told: Mr. Bean goes to Bethlehem

Anyone who’s ever played with a small nativity scene — come on, admit it, you’ve done it — will appreciate this priceless piece of performance art by the inimitable Mr. Bean. [Read more...]

Something fishy: an Italian Christmas tradition

It’s a big deal in parts of Brooklyn, and in Italian enclaves around New Jersey and Philadelphia: celebrating Christmas Eve with a feast of fish. Wonder where the tradition comes from? Some answers: Whether it represents the hills of Rome, the Catholic sacraments, or, as veteran home cook Rosella Vitale suggests, “lucky lottery numbers,” the [Read More...]

Wait. I think you missed a spot.

H/T to Patrick Madrid. [Read more...]

A Presbyterian sings the praises of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Is she the new Santa Claus? Check this out, from Presbyterian minister Ben Daniel in Huffington Post: The feast of Guadalupe is a distinctly Mexican holiday, and it may be worth asking why my family celebrates the holiday when none of us were born in Mexico or have Mexican ancestors. The answer is this: we [Read More...]