Behold: a gorilla who walks like a man

Talk about an upstanding citizen. Somebody cue “The Four Seasons” to sing “Walk Like A Man”… And get a load of this great ape’s great gait. You can read more about this guy here. [Read more...]

Red Bull mocks confession

I first heard this joke a few years ago … and I’m frankly surprised that someone thought it would make a good commercial. Well, truth be told, it doesn’t. What seemed naughty and irreverent as a joke comes off here as just tacky.  And what this has to do with Red Bull remains a mystery [Read More...]

Feeling penitent? There's an app for that

And, it’s the first to have the official blessing of the Catholic Church. From the National Catholic Register: Readers may recall a recent post about the offensive Penance App that came out in December that makes a mockery of the Church. Well, iPhone users now have a Church-approved App that could actually be beneficial to [Read More...]

Report: Muslim population in U.S. to double in 20 years

That, according to a study by the Pew Research Center. Details: There are about 2.6 million Muslim adults and children in the United States (0.8 percent of the U.S. population) in 2010. That figure is expected to rise to 6.2 million (1.7 percent) in 2030, predicted the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public [Read More...]

Coming soon to your TV: "Father Albert"

The priest who became famous for Going Rogue — among other things — has now landed a new TV show: A priest who left Catholic church to marry a woman has earned himself a TV show. Alberto Cutie shook the world with his scandal when he was photographed kissing Ruhama Buni Canellis on a South [Read More...]

For the birds

Over the weekend, I took the plunge and upgraded my mobile phone.  (I got an EVO, if anyone is wondering.) This thing is a marvel that would not be out of place at Spacely Sprockets.  It keeps my calendar, takes my pictures, shoots my video, finds my destination, locates a restaurant, and even provides me [Read More...]

Would you like your funeral streamed live?

Welcome to the brave new world of the YouTube funeral, where grieving friends and relatives no longer have to travel cross country to bid goodbye to the dearly departed. Now you can do it online. From the New York Times: In an age of commemorating birthdays, weddings and anniversaries on Facebook and Twitter, it was [Read More...]

Lambs of God

If you’ve ever wondered just where the wool comes from that is used for the pallium, CNS has the answer: Certain things — such as a bath and getting dressed up — are universal before a personal meeting with the pope, and the rule holds even for lambs. As he does every year, Pope Benedict [Read More...]

Make yourself happier with just a pencil

Really?  Really.  Check this out, courtesy the Beeb. [Read more...]

Shock: Toronto art exhibit features bullet-riddled pope

Offensive doesn’t begin to describe this idea.  You can see pictures from the exhibit here. Details: An upcoming art exhibit in Toronto could raise eyebrows with its use of violent images involving people such as U.S. President Barack Obama and Pope Benedict XVI. A series of 30 paintings and four sculptures by Peter Alexander Por [Read More...]