A Catholic school stages a controversial play — and nothing happens

It happened in Manhattan recently. Details, from the New York Times: When Eric Ostrow was hired last year to teach drama at Xavier High School in Manhattan, as a newcomer he chose two impeccably innocuous shows for student productions. The first was a comedy, “Epic Proportions,” and then came the musical “Grease,” with its script [Read More...]

Lou and me

Lou Gossett, Jr. stopped by our studio today for an interview. As you can tell from the picture below, he has a new book to plug. And, from the look of things, an annoying deacon/blogger attached to his arm. The book — “An Actor and a Gentleman” — tells the story of his life, his [Read More...]

Wow: check out Niagara Falls without water

What it looked like for a brief period in 1969, and what it looks like today. Read the story behind the pictures here. Check out some other shots and video, too. Incredible. [Read more...]

Have you gotten one of these in the mail?

It’s a Christmas card from The Big Guy himself. I’m still waiting for mine.  I’m sure he’s very busy — sending fruitcake to Rowan and Kung and such.   I’m sure that’s why I haven’t gotten mine yet.  Really. [Read more...]

Stocking stuffer: the latest in Catholic kitsch …

…just might be this curious rendition of the rosary. Details: An Italian company is offering an electronic rosary with the voice of Pope John Paul II leading the prayers. The Prex Co., based in Loreto, Italy, said in a press release that the device, complete with headphones, “was conceived to promote greater use of prayers [Read More...]