Must-see video: “60 Minutes” report on persecuted Christians of Iraq

In a word: excellent. And heartbreaking. Just watch. [Read more...]

Stephen Colbert talks saints, Lent, scripture—and he dances

This is something else: a side of the late night star many haven’t seen before. He stopped by the offices of America magazine to chat with Fr. James Martin. Check this out. You will smile. Photo via Wikipedia [Read more...]

Well, look who popped up on EWTN last night

It’s sweeps. CBS has a special on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. ABC has the Oscars. EWTN has this. [Read more...]

Anchored in faith: Lester Holt on religion and journalism

When Lester Holt took over for Brian Williams on the NBC Nightly News last week, little was said about his personal life—or one aspect of it that plays a prominent role: his faith. I was curious about what his religious background might be, so did a little Googling and came upon this interview from a [Read More...]

Remembering Bob Simon

One afternoon, Bob Simon appeared in the door of my office at “60 Minutes II,” a sheaf of papers in his hand.  He was working on a script. “Greg, just the person I’m looking for,” he said. And glancing at the script, he read me a phrase that didn’t sound right to him. Looking up, [Read More...]

What next for Brian Williams? —UPDATED

Verne Gay at Newsday offers his prediction—and it strikes me as entirely plausible: There are versions circulating of how a comeback might unfold, and here’s mine: Williams returns to “Nightly” but also hits the road, covering stories overseas of vital importance, going to war zones, going to blighted parts of Africa, and then — story by story, [Read More...]

What can Brian Williams do next? Here are 5 possibilities

With Brian Williams announcing that he’s taking a leave from anchoring the NBC Nightly News — the duration, unspecified—we’re left to wonder what happens next. For him, the best-case scenario would have his bosses at NBC concluding that it was all an innocent mixup, and welcome him back to the anchor chair with open arms. [Read More...]

Donna Douglas, RIP

Incredibly, the bodacious ingenue was 82 years old. And there is a Catholic connection, according to USA TODAY:  Donna Douglas, who played hillbilly bombshell Elly May Clampett on the baby-boomer-beloved 1960s sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies, has died. She was 82. Charlene Smith, her niece-in-law, confirmed Friday to USA TODAY that she died of pancreatic cancer on New Year’s Day [Read More...]

Stephen Colbert’s Top Catholic Moments — UPDATED

As MCPF (My Close Personal Friend) Stephen bids farewell to his show at Comedy Central tonight, Busted Halo has a nifty roundup of top Colbert Catholic moments. This one below, however, remains, my all time favorite.   The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,The Colbert Report on Facebook,Video Archive   UPDATE: James Martin, S.J., [Read More...]

Great moments in journalism: you decide, we report

Media Bistro reported last week on a media summit featuring ABC News anchor David Muir. Tweets from the event reveal some of the editorial thinking now leading one of America’s premiere newscasts. Evidently it is the viewing public—which this morning is trending stories on Facebook about a man eaten alive by a snake and Bobby Moynihan’s [Read More...]