Dear NBC…THIS should be your next musical

You can count me among those who were underwhelmed by last year’s “The Sound of Music” and bored by Thursday night’s “Peter Pan.” But if NBC wants to atone for its sins, here’s my humble suggestion: Reba McEntire in “Annie Get Your Gun.” Back in 2002, she replaced Bernadette Peters in a revival on Broadway. My wife has loved [Read More...]

Unexpected grace: the stirring “Ave Maria” montage from HBO’s “The Newsroom”

My pal Matt Palmer at the USCCB sent this my way, and it’s Must See TV: the concluding moments from Sunday night’s episode of “The Newsroom” on HBO. I’m not a regular viewer—we’re Basic Cable people at my house—but from what I can gather, the lead character, a TV anchor played by Jeff Daniels, is about [Read More...]

Most adorable Christmas ad ever? Maybe…

This slays me. From a UK department store, John Lewis. I have a soft spot for penguins anyway—well, penguins and anything remotely pumpkin—but this ad is something else. [Read more...]

I’m hopelessly square

Yesterday, a legend from my youth, Eydie Gorme, died. Below, a stellar moment from the Steve Allen Show in 1958. You’ve seen this technique used countless times—Saturday Night Live likes to use it, usually hilariously and with a side order of snark—but this long tracking shot backstage with Eydie and Steve and Ann Sothern and [Read More...]

Ripped from the headlines: a great voice mail message with a great voice

Don’t you wish you had a famous announcer for a friend? A fellow named Chase happens to know a guy who knows the announcer from “Law & Order.” So: get a load of the voice mail message that greets Chase’s callers. [Read more...]