Jimmy Fallon: “I wanted to be a priest”

With everybody swooning giddily over Jimmy Fallon’s debut last night on “The Tonight Show,” let’s not forget that, in his heart, he’s a Catholic boy born in Brooklyn. From an interview on NPR a few years back: He spoke with host Terri Gross about his Catholic upbringing… GROSS: So you went to Catholic school when [Read More...]

Jimmy Fallon and The Muppets sign off “Late Night”

Thursday, we got a look at how Jay Leno said “So long, farewell” to The Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon’s goodbye Friday night was just as inspired, and even hipper. I loved it. Watch. [Read more...]

Classic: stars sing “So long, farewell” to Jay Leno

An inspired send-off from last night’s “Tonight” show. While it won’t rival Carson’s finale, it had its moments. And: for those who missed it, I flipped over to CBS as Leno’s credits were rolling and caught Letterman saying, as his show ended, “Goodnight, Jay!” Celebs Sing Farewell To Jay – Leno's Final Show… by IdolxMuzic [Read more...]

My favorite Super Bowl ad

No, it wasn’t the Budweiser commercial with the puppy. It’s this, from Coca-Cola. This is the longer, extended version, with a 30-second prelude that I think is worth every second. Check it out below. UPDATE: A friend pointed out that not everybody loved it, and sent me this piece from Business Insider:  Coca-Cola kept one [Read More...]

Grace under pressure: reporter passes out on air, finishes live shot anyway

Give this gal an Emmy, stet. From KUTV in Salt Lake City:  KUTV Reporter Brooke Graham works six days a week and is one of our hardest workers. She is doing fine following this instance and has given us permission to post the video on her behalf. She later tweeted:  I just passed out in [Read More...]

From CBS’s Sunday Morning: a rant about pew etiquette at Midnight Mass

Can I hear an “Amen”? Commentator Bill Flanagan vents. [Read more...]

Must-see video: “60 Minutes” profiles the Copts

It begins with the election of a pope and ends with an exorcism. Fascinating and balanced.  And deeply moving. Kudos to correspondent Bob Simon and producer Harry Radliffe for giving viewers a glimpse into this corner of the Christian world. [Read more...]

The hills were alive: NBC posts huge numbers for “The Sound of Music”

From The New York Times: NBC’s gamble of filling an entire night with live musical theater paid off handsomely Thursday as “The Sound of Music,” with Carrie Underwood in the Julie Andrews role of Maria, posted the network’s best entertainment ratings for a Thursday night since 2009. In preliminary ratings, the special pulled in 18.5 [Read More...]

Lest we forget: before “The Sound of Music” went live, the Captain and Maria reunited “On Golden Pond”

While I’ve been reading a lot on social media about last night’s live version of “The Sound of Music”—I joined the production in progress,  just before Carrie Underwood ran back to the convent and heard about mountain-climbing—few people have mentioned television’s last big experiment in live theater. It was a dud. And it also had [Read More...]

Theology of the Dead Body: “‘The Walking Dead’ is fully Catholic”

There are two key moments that clinched it for me in “The Walking Dead.” A couple of years ago, Sheriff Rick, hunting for any signs of life in the world of the zombie apocalypse, stumbled on a plain wooden church, in the middle of nowhere. When he stepped inside, he discovered the congregation was made [Read More...]