Geek alert: Spock vs. Spock in new Audi commercial

Whoever came up with this idea should win the Nobel prize. Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto star in a car commercial that may be the coolest nerdfest since that Darth Vader Volkswagon ad. [Read more...]

To life: Publix salutes moms—and the unborn

Below, a Mother’s Day ad from Publix supermarkets that carries not only a great message for mothers, but a great message for life.  Read about it here.  But  watch it below. [Read more...]

TV’s “The Bible” headed to movie screens this fall

The visionary producer Mark Burnett has had another vision: dollar signs. Details:  Jesus is heading back to the big screen. TV producer Mark Burnett revealed Monday that he is preparing a three-hour movie version of his hit History Channel mini-series, “The Bible.” The film will contain “recut scenes and extra stuff” from the record breaking [Read More...]

Network may add church-based dating show

Attention television executives: yes, there is an audience for this kind of programming. Take note. Details:  Spurred by the success of an original game show that rewards knowledge of the Bible rather than, say, how much grocery items cost at the supermarket checkout, the GSN cable channel is considering a dating show with a religious [Read More...]

RIP: Annette Funicello, Catholic

Sad news, with word that the most famous Mouseketeer of all died today after a long battle with MS. The photo here shows her with first husband Jack Gilardi, leaving St. Cyril’s Roman Catholic Church in Encino, Calif., on Jan. 9, 1965, following their wedding ceremony. Annette spoke of her faith some years back, and how [Read More...]

Maria Shriver on St. Francis

A famous woman from a rich family reports on a famous saint from a rich family in her unexpected appearance on the TODAY show Monday. [Read more...]

TV’s “The Bible”: “Hollywood will never be the same after this”

Every New Yorker’s paper of record—the Post!—dissects the phenomenal popularity of the hit cable series:  ‘The Bible” is a phenomenon all over again. The miniseries — which has been airing over five Sunday nights with its finale neatly planned for Easter night — has shaken up the TV world. It’s drawing more than 12 million [Read More...]

Dominican sisters to be featured on American Bible Challenge TV show

They were stars on Oprah, and now they’re headed to another hit TV show:  TEAM SISTERS OF MARY Hometown:  Ann Arbor, MI Charity:  Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist.  Any winnings will be used to provide for the futures of the Sisters in the Order, and to ensure that they are provided for as they [Read More...]

Pope Benedict’s farewell to be broadcast live

Details, from Zenit:  On the last day of his pontificate, Benedict XVI will be filmed live by television cameras during his final hours in the Vatican, according to Monsignor Edoardo María Viganó, director of the Vatican Television Center (VTC), who explained that the Pontiff’s departure to Castel Gandolfo by helicopter “will be a historic moment.” [Read More...]

“Alex, I’ll take ‘Great Catholic Evangelists’ for $1,000…”

And the answer is: “This jolly figure has been called the greatest evangelist in the church today.” And I reply: “Who is Fr. Robert Barron?” And with this, I lose. Well, I still think Fr. Barron is a great evangelist, but he himself has another answer in mind —and it’s worth checking it out in [Read More...]