An evangelical confesses: “I’m a wanna-be Catholic”

Charles Redfern spills the beans over at HuffPo: It’s time I come clean. I’m an evangelical with a secret. A covert “real me” peaks from the shadows and longs to leap into the sunlight. World events compel me to throw caution to the wind and blare my confession: I’m a wanna-be Catholic. There. I feel [Read More...]

“So a sex offender is heading an archdiocesan office…”

That about sums it up. From Phil Lawler:  Sunday brought the staggering news that in the Archdiocese of Newark, New Jersey, a priest who had been convicted of groping a young man has now been appointed as co-director for the archdiocesan office of clergy formation. What could Archbishop John Myers possibly have been thinking? How could [Read More...]

Leo Burnett ad agency travels to Spain to have new website blessed

This may be a first.  The Brussels office of one of the largest and most famous ad agencies in the world took the unusual step of going to Seville to have its new website (on a mobile server) blessed by the archbishop, and to ask the intercession of St. Isidore, the patron of the Internet. [Read More...]

HHS mandate: the Cliff Notes version

Our own Frank Weathers has read the mandate so that you don’t have to! His summation is here. A highlight or two: I learned a few things by reading the whole thing. For instance, I learned that the actual rule proposed to the Code of Federal Regulations is 8 and a half pages long, not 80. [Read More...]

Like the Latin Mass? You’ll love this.

This is a beautifully produced video promoting the Latin Mass.  The Vimeo blurb says it was shot by Two Sense Films at Incarnation Catholic Church in Tampa.  [Read more...]

Ed Koch’s last question: “Do you miss me?”

This is pretty great. The New York Times got the former mayor to sit down for a video obit. Anyone who wonders why this guy was so special will get a wonderful answer here. And to your question, Mr. Mayor: yes.  My wife caught me blinking back tears this morning when I heard WCBS radio [Read More...]

“Lately, I have begun to feel differently about the way Michael Voris defends the Church…”

While it’s not unusual to find Michael Voris detractors on the interwebs, it is surprising to find one like this. A woman who blogs as “Catholic in Brooklyn” has been an admirer and supporter of Michael Voris and his online apostolate.  But in a long blog post—one notable for its charity as well as its [Read More...]

For Catholic Schools Week: in praise of my parish’s school

With Catholic Schools Week now at its midway point, I thought I’d repost something from last year: a homily I preached at a special Mass honoring my parish’s school (shown above) and its alumni.  DGK. ++  A lot of people don’t know this, but when I was in formation, studying to become a deacon, Msgr. [Read More...]

The warning signs of “Monsignor Meth”

The Connecticut Post has details: Looking back there were the usual warning signs, those nagging red flags. In Monsignor Kevin Wallin‘s case, there was the weight loss, the change in his usually meticulous appearance and his erratic behavior that concerned his parishioners and others, including church officials. “He just didn’t look right; he didn’t seem the [Read More...]

From Iowa family man to Catholic priest

And, along the way, he was also a permanent deacon. Details, from the Gazette: The Rev. Steve Witt has been a husband and a father. Now he’s a father, as in black shirt and white collar. Newly ordained in the Davenport Diocese of the Catholic Church, Witt’s experiences with marriage, parenting and losing a spouse are [Read More...]