Come, Holy Spirit: Pope Releases Doves Presented to Him by Pilgrims

Details: Two doves celebrated their freedom with a soaring flight over St. Peter’s Square on Wednesday, all thanks to Pope Francis. As Francis toured the square in his open-topped popemobile at his weekly public audience, someone in the crowd thrust a white bird cage with two doves inside at him. Looking puzzled, his security detail [Read More...]

Plans approved for first mixed Catholic and Protestant school campus in Northern Ireland

Not so long ago, this idea would have been unthinkable: Northern Ireland’s first shared education campus for Catholic and Protestant schoolchildren has been granted planning approval. Up to six schools with 3,700 pupils are expected to be based at a former Army barracks in Omagh, Co Tyrone, Stormont’s power-sharing government revealed today. The relic of [Read More...]

Carnegie Mellon president apologizes for “highly offensive” pope parody

You may remember this story from earlier.  Details:  A Carnegie Mellon University coed’s semi-nude papal parody in a spring carnival parade was “highly offensive,” university President Jared Cohon said on Wednesday. “We have procedures for a reason: to protect both the university’s interests and those accused of violating our community standards or policies. We will [Read More...]

Picture of the week: Pope blessing a mother and her unborn child

Over at NCR, Tom Fox notes:  I think this is the first time I have ever seen a pope touching a woman or have seen a woman’s hand on a papal hand. The times are changing! Well, “touching a woman” beyond a handshake, that is.  I have to say: the image here is strikingly warm [Read More...]

In Texas, “the Body of Christ is suffering greatly”

A deacon from Austin writes: Please keep the people of West, Texas in your prayers. One of the newly ordained deacons, Deacon Ron Sykora, is from the parish there, St. Mary of the Assumption. The Church and buildings are OK, but the Body of Christ is suffering greatly. Vatican Radio adds: Rescuers in central Texas [Read More...]

Why don’t parents take screaming babies out of church?—UPDATED

I’m opening up comments for this, to see what you parents out there have to say. A reader writes: Hi Deacon Greg, I am desperate to find answers to above question!!!  When I politely ask the parent of a screaming child why they refuse to leave Mass so they don’t disrupt it for everyone else, [Read More...]

How can you keep from singing? A great rendition of the National Anthem tonight in Boston

As the YouTube description puts it: Before the Bruins-Sabres game, Rene Rancourt starts singing, and then the TD Garden crowd takes it home as Boston returns to sports two days after the bombing at the Boston Marathon. God bless Boston.  God bless America. [Read more...]

“God knows, too, what it is to lose a loved one in an unjust attack…”

I quoted from this sermon after Sandy Hook, and it’s worth reprinting here today. This is part of the great Presbyterian minister Timothy Keller’s sermon which he preached on the five-year anniversary of 9/11: I’d like to freely acknowledge that every faith – and we are an interfaith gathering today – every faith has great [Read More...]

Adorable video: pope as pacifier

A reader in Italy sent this my way, from the audience this morning. The man knows how to handle crybabies. (Insert own joke here…)  Read more about it here.  [Read more...]

Divine Mercy: trust in the original iron man

[Read more...]