American nun signs letter advocating for abortion

Believe it or not:  Sr. Jeannine Gramick, a chronically controversial Loretto religious, has signed a public letter to President Obama expressly urging him (as if he needed urging) to fund abortion overseas. In her letter Gramick claims the mantle of ‘leader of a faith-based organization’, declares it “immoral” not to pay for overseas abortions, asserts that paying for [Read More...]

Vatican responds to “Exorcist” author on Georgetown: “Your communications constitute a well-founded complaint”

From The Washington Post:  The author of the thriller “The Exorcist” says he has new hope he has put the fear of God in Georgetown University. William Peter Blatty, a Georgetown graduate, submitted to the Vatican last fall a petition with some 2,000 signatures calling for the school to be stripped of the labels Catholic [Read More...]

Is Harvard hosting a Black Mass?—UPDATED

This has popped up on Facebook in several places, so it seems worth noting. Several bloggers have gotten emails announcing this event for next week, and Women of Grace has details: The Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club is hosting a black mass on May 12 to be staged by The Satanic Temple and which will [Read More...]

Vatican reports steady growth in worldwide church

The barque has sometimes hit turbulent tides, but there’s no sign that it’s sinking. And note the number of permanent deacons worldwide:  42,104, a number the continues to climb. From CNS: The number of Catholics in the world and the number of priests, permanent deacons and religious men all increased in 2012, while the number [Read More...]


A stunning image by Rosalind Chan-Ghazi, ace photographer for our parish bulletin. She was in the vestibule of our church, shooting through glass to capture people in prayer around the Repository, and noticed that an icon of Mary from the rear wall was reflected in the glass.  This was the result. [Read more...]

About Bishop Scharfenberger’s coat of arms

  An interesting dissection from The Tablet in Brooklyn: At the top of Bishop Scharfenberger’s shield are three green triangles which represent mountains. The image has been found on arms belonging to the Scharfenberger family of antiquity. The original form was one mountain with an elk or a deer standing upon it. Building on the [Read More...]

Watch a priest leave this bride and groom speechless—and in tears

I’ve never seen anything quite like this. And I’ll wager you haven’t either. From the Christian Post:  SonLight Music Ministry had just finished what sounded like a beautiful rendition of “Be Thou My Vision” when Father Ray Kelly again took the mic at the wedding of Chris and Leah O’Kane. But instead of closing the [Read More...]

An email from Charlotte: “It’s very challenging seeing so many comment and judge our community”

A mother with kids at a nearby middle school has been following the controversy at Charlotte Catholic High School, and sent me this email below. It offers another perspective on the story, from a parent very close to it and from someone who lives in the community. She asked that her name not be used. [Read More...]

Rick Warren teams with Bishop Kevin Vann to launch mental health ministry

From HuffPo:  Every day since his son Matthew died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound nearly a year ago, Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church has found himself in tears. He has spent his nights journaling, trying to discern God’s purpose in the pain that Matthew endured over his 27 years living with mental illness, and in the [Read More...]

The story behind a papal “selfie”

It happened this week, and ZENIT has the story: Little did Marco Antonio Lome and his wife Zaira Venegas know that they, too, would have their own ‘selfie’ with the Pope. Like many newlywed couples, Lome and Venegas travelled to Rome after their recent nuptials to receive a papal blessing. As is customary, at the [Read More...]