World Cup ad shows Jesus in a soccer shirt

From The Telegraph:  Days before England play Italy in their first match at the World Cup, the Italians are in hot water in Brazil for a television commercial in which Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Christ the Redeemer statue is dressed in a giant Italian football shirt. The Catholic Church in Brazil says the digitally-manipulated advertisement, which is [Read More...]

It’s electric: the tablet has finally arrived

I noticed it this week during the retreat for deacon candidates and their wives: a surprising number of those here are following the Liturgy of the Hours on a Kindle, iPad or smartphone. The iBreviary is incredibly popular. And now Tom McDonald reports a little piece of history: Suzi LeVine, incoming US ambassador to Switzerland, was [Read More...]

When is a priest not a priest?

From The Newark Star-Ledger: Chris Naples says something snapped inside him that January day. The Burlington County man sat in the gallery of the Delaware Supreme Court, watching as a lawyer for the Diocese of Trenton told the justices that the Rev. Terence McAlinden was not “on duty” — or serving in his capacity as [Read More...]

“Don’t set yourself against your Mother!”

I grow weary. I’m weary of the fighting. The name-calling. The ad hominems. The sneers and finger-pointing. I’m weary of the Catholic-against-Catholic warfare that has left too many muddied and bloodied. I’m weary of Catholics hurling accusations at bishops, notably the Bishop of Rome, in an effort to divide the faithful and turn the flock [Read More...]

Archbishop warns of “balkanization” of American Catholic church

I think he’s right. From NCR: A prominent U.S. archbishop has warned that the divisive nature of the nation’s politics — particularly the separation of people into disparate ideological camps — may be seeping into the American Catholic church, leading to a “balkanization” of the faithful. Indianapolis Archbishop Joseph Tobin also warned against a trend [Read More...]

American nun signs letter advocating for abortion

Believe it or not:  Sr. Jeannine Gramick, a chronically controversial Loretto religious, has signed a public letter to President Obama expressly urging him (as if he needed urging) to fund abortion overseas. In her letter Gramick claims the mantle of ‘leader of a faith-based organization’, declares it “immoral” not to pay for overseas abortions, asserts that paying for [Read More...]

Vatican responds to “Exorcist” author on Georgetown: “Your communications constitute a well-founded complaint”

From The Washington Post:  The author of the thriller “The Exorcist” says he has new hope he has put the fear of God in Georgetown University. William Peter Blatty, a Georgetown graduate, submitted to the Vatican last fall a petition with some 2,000 signatures calling for the school to be stripped of the labels Catholic [Read More...]

Is Harvard hosting a Black Mass?—UPDATED

This has popped up on Facebook in several places, so it seems worth noting. Several bloggers have gotten emails announcing this event for next week, and Women of Grace has details: The Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club is hosting a black mass on May 12 to be staged by The Satanic Temple and which will [Read More...]

Vatican reports steady growth in worldwide church

The barque has sometimes hit turbulent tides, but there’s no sign that it’s sinking. And note the number of permanent deacons worldwide:  42,104, a number the continues to climb. From CNS: The number of Catholics in the world and the number of priests, permanent deacons and religious men all increased in 2012, while the number [Read More...]


A stunning image by Rosalind Chan-Ghazi, ace photographer for our parish bulletin. She was in the vestibule of our church, shooting through glass to capture people in prayer around the Repository, and noticed that an icon of Mary from the rear wall was reflected in the glass.  This was the result. [Read more...]