Esquire names Pope Francis “Best Dressed Man of the Year”

From HuffPo:  Pope Francis has picked up yet another year-end honor which may be his most surprising yet! Esquire named him “The Best Dressed Man of 2013,” chiefly for the symbolism of his papal style choices. Pope Francis has largely avoided splendor, and is most commonly seen in a plain white robe and skullcap. He chose the simplest papal [Read More...]

Christmas in Queens

Merry Christmas! [Read more...]

Chicago church remembers slain deacon

Photo: Chuck Berman/Chicago Tribune From The Chicago Tribune:  For the parishioners of St. Philip Neri Catholic Church on Sunday, it was obvious in so many ways that Deacon Willie Cooper was gone. Someone else led the altar servers and lectors in prayer before Mass. Only the pastor poured holy water on a baby girl getting [Read More...]

“The Anxiety of Joseph”: a homily for the 4th Sunday of Advent

Still looking for a Christmas gift for a priest or deacon?  Allow me to suggest a book: “Naked and You Clothed Me: Homilies and Reflections for Cycle A”.  This is the second of a three-volume series, covering all three liturgical cycles, featuring homilies from people like James Martin SJ, Richard Rohr, OFM, Dan Horan, OFM, [Read More...]

Engaged couples get a chance to spend Valentine’s Day with the pope

From CNS:   Attention engaged couples: if you have already completed or are still attending marriage preparation courses, would you like to spend St. Valentine’s Day at an audience with Pope Francis? The Pontifical Council for the Family is sponsoring the event (“The Joy of a ‘Yes’ that’s Forever”) in the Vatican’s Paul VI audience hall Feb. 14. [Read More...]

What should you call a former Catholic priest?—UPDATED

I get the most interesting e-mails. After posting the news about Thomas Williams yesterday, I got this e-mail from Fr. Albert Cutié: Deacon: I don’t think you should use the term “former priest” referring to someone who was ordained – who received the sacrament of Holy Orders. It makes it sound like you don’t believe [Read More...]

Lest we forget: before “The Sound of Music” went live, the Captain and Maria reunited “On Golden Pond”

While I’ve been reading a lot on social media about last night’s live version of “The Sound of Music”—I joined the production in progress,  just before Carrie Underwood ran back to the convent and heard about mountain-climbing—few people have mentioned television’s last big experiment in live theater. It was a dud. And it also had [Read More...]

“You don’t expect to sit at Mass and discover the person next to you is a man dressed as a woman…”

Now for something different, from blogger and author Steve Ray:  It was unsettling. You don’t expect to sit at Mass and discover the person next to you is a man dressed as a woman – actually, a man who “is” a woman. It was a bit discombobulating. You don’t expect such an spectacle at Mass [Read More...]

Is it too early for a Christmas flash mob?

I don’t think so. Here’s one I haven’t seen, from last year, and it’s perfect for what is traditionally the busiest travel day of the year (and one that will be marked by some awful weather for much of the country).  We’re heading to Maryland this afternoon: over the river and through the downpour to [Read More...]

Pardon me: what happens to those turkeys?

Who knew? From CNN: Along a pastoral lane at George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate sits a sizable wooden pen built specifically to house the two turkeys that will be “pardoned” at the White House on Wednesday. The well-appointed pen includes a small coop to protect them from weather and foxes, and an area for them [Read More...]