Albany ordinations mark for some “a second career”

From The Troy Record, a welcome reminder that vocations come from many places, but very often begin in the family: Close to 300 clergy, religious, family, friends and well-wishers attended the ordination of four men as the newest deacons of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany. Three of four men ordained as deacons are preparing to [Read More...]

Putting out into the deep: May 19, 2007

About the stole It is a custom in this diocese for each deacon class to design its own distinctive stole to wear on the day of ordination. Taking as our inspiration Bishop DiMarzio’s motto “put out into the deep” (Luke 5:4), we’ve designed a stole that shows a vessel sailing into the water. It resembles a [Read More...]

Meet the newly ordained Catholic priest with two Muslim daughters

This may be one of the most unusual vocation stories you’ll ever encounter. From The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:  Like most seminarians, the Rev. Dennis Saran could tick off the many influences that bolstered and shaped him in his yearslong path to the priesthood. There was his Catholic upbringing, of course. His teacher-priests and fellow seminarians. Long-dead [Read More...]

“Can you drink this cup?”: a stirring vocation story, told through the history of a chalice

A beautiful story. Read more about the chalice here. But watch the video below. [Read more...]

Beautiful: how a mother returned to the Church when her son became a priest

This belongs in the Writing Straight With Crooked Lines file…the story of a mother, Kristin Gilger, who left the Catholic Church, and how God drew her back through her son. A Jesuit reader sent this to me this morning, and it’s just great:  When my son, Patrick, first told us he was considering becoming a [Read More...]

Husband, father, deacon—and soon, a priest

From  Thirteen years ago Jim Cardosi’s wife, Cindy, discovered she had little time left to live. In 2002 she experienced symptoms resulting from a neurological illness that by 2005 would be identified as frontotemporal dementia or Pick’s Disease, which Cindy developed in her mid-40s. She required full-time care, so Jim retired from the military. [Read More...]

Boom: Australia sees surge in vocations

From Sydney:  Morning prayer at Corpus Christi College, where 59 men are currently studying to become Catholic priests. That’s more than double the 1999 enrollment figure of 28 students. This year there are 17 first year students among them: the highest it’s been in decades. Father Brendan Lane is the priest in charge. “We’ve got [Read More...]

Minnesota gets a married priest

Details:  Vaughn Treco, a married man, grandfather of two and former Anglican priest, has received the approval of Pope Francis to be ordained to the Catholic diaconate and priesthood in early May. His ordination as a Catholic priest who is married is allowed as an exception to the normal requirement for celibacy. Upon ordination, Treco [Read More...]

Anchorage to ordain six new deacons Friday

From The Catholic Anchor newspaper: After five years of formation, six men are on the cusp of the moment when Anchorage Archbishop Roger Schwietz will lay his hands on their heads, invoke the Holy Spirit and ordain them permanent deacons for the service of the church. Family members, friends, priests, religious and fellow deacons are [Read More...]

Where are many new priests coming from? You might be surprised

A growing number are coming from the military:  Springtime is ordination season for U.S. Catholic priests, and the Class of 2015 will turn out nearly twice as many military veterans as compared with each of the past two years. According to an annual survey, at least 6% of men being ordained to the priesthood this year and responding to questions—24 of 411 [Read More...]