“An authentic priestly vocation”: some insight into discernment from Los Angeles

An interesting overview on how discernment works in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, from the directors of vocations: Something good is happening in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in the area of priestly vocations. In the Office of Vocations, we are continually receiving inquiries via telephone, email and social media from young men (and sometimes [Read More...]

The invisible vocation: Philadelphia hosts gathering of consecrated virgins

Here’s something you don’t hear about much:  Becoming a consecrated virgin, says Judith Stegman, means there’s one thing you’ll do without – obviously – and one you’ll definitely need: A sense of humor. In the era of The Bachelorette and Dating Naked, of Fifty Shades of Grey and Snoop Dogg’s “Ain’t No Fun (If the Homies Can’t Have None),” a [Read More...]

“Anyone talking about a priest shortage is talking nonsense”

Those are the words of Rockville Centre’s Bishop William Murphy, quoted in this article from Newsday:  The steady drop in the number of Catholic priests on Long Island and across the country is causing widespread use of retired priests to administer sacraments in parishes, an increase in priests from foreign countries to answer the need [Read More...]

Freshly ordained in the city: meet Fr. Jeremy Canna from Brooklyn

Last month, I posted about my friend Jeremy Canna, one of 13 new priests ordained for the Diocese of Brooklyn. This weekend, he is profiled in The Wall Street Journal:  Father Canna, a slight, hyper-articulate Marine Park native who walks through life chin first, is among the youngest of the 13 priests just ordained by the [Read More...]

The headline says it all

From the Central Kentucky News: Once a rebellious nun, Danville woman now eyes priesthood Snip: “Back when I was a nun, there were still a lot of people who went into the holy orders,” Watson said. “It was like the closest thing you could be because you couldn’t be a priest. My mother said, ‘You’re [Read More...]

Forgive us our debts: how some young people are paying off student loans to pursue a vocation

From The Detroit Free Press:  After nearly two years of waiting, Melanie Bruss headed earlier this month to Minnesota to join the Consecrates of the Most Holy Savior, a Catholic religious order. Bruss was accepted to the order in November 2012, but had been held up by a stumbling block — her student loans. Like a [Read More...]

The world’s most successful coach of endurance runners is…a Catholic missionary?!

Yep. Great story about a remarkable man, whose legacy has been dubbed “the stuff of legend in Kenya”: In 2012, David Rudisha, a Masai warrior from Kenya, ran what many say was the greatest race in the history of the Olympics. He led the 800m final from the front and smashed his own world record, [Read More...]

“The world’s first transgendered Roman Catholic consecrated maiden”?

Details:  As the world’s first transgendered Roman Catholic consecrated maiden, Tia Michelle Pesando has many reasons for wanting to prove Why God Doesn’t Hate You, which is also the name of her new book. The 35-year-old London resident says the extensive research she did while writing her book shows God’s love for everyone, regardless of [Read More...]

Summer break? Not for these seminarians

David Gibson has the scoop at RNS: “How many of you have ever studied a parish budget?” the Rev. David Couturier asked the 11 Catholic priests-in-training seated before him. After a few beats, just one hand went up, tentatively. “That’s not unusual,” Couturier told them. “Just unfortunate.” It’s also why these seminarians were in a classroom [Read More...]

“Your vocation is not about you”

Good stuff here:  It is quite traditional and correct to speak of “discerning a vocation” – particularly to consecrated life or the priesthood, though also in regard to marriage, careers, and other major commitments. In modern Western culture, however, the idea of vocational discernment has become problematic, producing unnecessary indecision and anxiety. The problem is not [Read More...]