Boom: Brooklyn preparing to ordain 13, largest class of priests in the United States

From the In My Backyard Desk, some sensational news, via The Brooklyn Eagle:  The Most Reverend Nicholas DiMarzio, bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens, will ordain 13 men to the priesthood on Saturday, June 28. This group of men, who have served for the past year as transitional deacons, composes the [Read More...]

Know hope: some heartening news about vocations—UPDATED

This is pretty encouraging, from Tim Muldoon via Elizabeth Scalia:  Today Boston College has released the results of a report on the influence that college experiences had on young men in the United States who decided to begin studying for the priesthood. That report highlights a number of interesting points: • Some 350,000 never-married men have [Read More...]

Identical twins ordained priests in Michigan

When was the last time this happened? Details:  Working on weekends as a deacon at St. Agnes Catholic Parish in Fowlerville, Gary Koenigsknecht would occasionally need to gently correct someone who belonged to St. Mary Catholic Parish a couple of towns west. “You would have somebody from Williamston say, ‘Hey, I saw you last week!’ ” he [Read More...]

A widower who was angry at God set to become a Catholic priest at 60

You never know who God will call—or when. From The Ottawa Citizen in Canada: At age 60, Léo Villeneuve can look back on much: life as a father and hockey Dad, the joy of grandparenting, a full career in nursing, the sudden plunge into widowhood. All of which prepared him, strangely, for Friday, when the short, amiable man shatters [Read More...]

“Behind every successful ministry, there is private pain”

Preach it, Rick:   Sharing how he has coped after his son’s suicide last year, megachurch pastor Rick Warren urged Southern Baptist pastors on Monday (June 9) to let their times of suffering be acts of ministry. “Behind every publicly successful ministry, there is private pain,” Warren said at the Southern Baptist Convention’s Pastors’ Conference. “Pain [Read More...]

Boom: Louisiana bucking the trend of priest shortage

  Photo: Leslie Westbrook/LAGNS Details from The Shreveport Times:  They describe their childhoods as like those of any other boys: playing sports, dating nice girls and mastering crazy video games. But there were a few anomalies. When Matt Barzare and his buddies played cops and robbers in Eunice as little kids, Barzare played a priest [Read More...]

A vocation 55 years in the making

The remarkable story of Louisville’s newest priest, from the Louisville Record: Deacon David A. Cockson knew he wanted to be a priest when he made his first holy Communion as a 7-year-old in Grand Island, Neb. Fifty-five years later, his religious vocation will be realized. His ordination, set for Saturday, will be the fulfilment of [Read More...]

Archbishop: only two priests in Dublin are under the age of 40

From The Irish Times: Just two Catholic priests in Dublin are under 40, while a further 44 are aged between 70 and 75 and “in the next four or five years will be going into a more retired sort of life”, Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin said today. “We already have in Dublin two parishes [Read More...]

History: one Mass, three generations of clergy at the altar—and a fourth serving his first Mass

I posted on this extraordinary event in San Francisco over the weekend: three generations of clergy in one family.  Below is the picture to prove it. That’s Fr Joseph Previtali; his father (just-ordained) Deacon David Previtali; and the deacon’s father-in-law Fr Frank Filice. Check your archives, folks, because as far as anyone knows, it’s the first time [Read More...]

Quote of the day, from a woman seeking ordination

“I don’t work for the Church anymore. My real job now is to give witness and stand up for what I believe in. I’m not leaving Catholicism. There’s much I love, especially the inner core, the mystics, the great tradition of wonderful staff. It’s the patriarchy that’s the downer.” — Lillian Lewis, who could probably [Read More...]