St. Therese's Prayer for Priests

I think we need this now, more than ever.  I found this on a prayer card they give out at St. John the Evangelist Church in New York City… O Jesus, Eternal Priest, keep your priests within the shelter of your sacred heart, where none may touch them. Keep unstained their anointed hands, which daily [Read More...]

Ordinary men, sacred calling

I stumbled on this almost by accident, and was delighted to see it was produced by Brooklyn’s homegrown Grassroots Films (“The Human Experience”, “Fishers of Men”). It’s a terrific glimpse into the Dominicans — the Order of Preachers, don’cha know — and well worth a look.  Enjoy. [Read more...]

"Illegitimate": woman renounces her attempted ordination to diaconate

In a rare move, a woman who attempted ordination as a deacon has had a change of heart. Norma Jean Coons announced as much on her own website: On July 22, 2007, I was ordained to the diaconate by Bishop Patricia Fresen, of Germany and South Africa who was ordained by three male bishops in [Read More...]

Pope grants special permission for married man to be ordained priest — UPDATED

It happened in Germany. Details, from the New York Daily News: A married father of two in Germany was ordained as a Catholic priest on Tuesday, a rare move by the church, which typically requires priests to be single and to take a vow of chastity. Harm Klueting, 61, a professor of theology at universities [Read More...]

"So many graces have been poured out in my life…"

What a powerful witness.  Seminarian Philip Johnson — diagnosed with brain cancer — shares his story. H/T Deacon Brad Watkins, whose blog remains the definitive vocations resource on the internet. [Read more...]

What does a deacon wear under his alb?

Now it can be shown. Here’s a first for “The Deacon’s Bench”: The  men about to be ordained deacons earlier this month for the Archdiocese of Atlanta show off some equipment they used to help get them through all the kneeling the ceremony entails. More on the 16 new deacons — and what else they [Read More...]

Did your ordination look like this?

I know that mine didn’t. Uber-traditionalist Cardinal Raymond Burke ordained three new deacons for the Institute of Christ the King at their seminary near Florence on January 30th. You can see more snapshots and learn more at the New Liturgical Movement website.  A cappa magna was there, too! Meantime, want to sample something 180 degrees [Read More...]

Number of priests worldwide continues to grow

That’s according to Church statistics released just this week. Details, from CNA: There are more than 5,000 more Catholic priests globally in 2009 than there were in 1999, according to official Church statistics. The Vatican’s L’Osservatore Romano newspaper anticipated the news from the soon-to-be released 2009 almanac prepared by the Vatican’s Central Office of Church [Read More...]

Benedict on vocations: "Keep our gaze fixed on Jesus"

“It is no less challenging to follow Christ today. It means learning to keep our gaze fixed on Jesus, growing close to him, listening to his word and encountering him in the sacraments; it means learning to conform our will to his.” “This requires a genuine school of formation for all those who would prepare [Read More...]

Survey: parents discourage daughters from religious vocations

That, according to sisters who took vows last year. Details: If she had listened to her parents, Sister Jenn Graus might never have professed vows last month to join the Congregation of St. Joseph. Though lifelong Catholics, Graus’ parents had met few nuns or sisters near their home in Sterling Heights, Mich., and assumed most [Read More...]