After the "God Squad," priest still hits the road

The priest who got into trademark trouble last year with a big retail chain is still getting attention. The story, from Gannett Wisconsin Media: Father Luke Strand has sold his black Volkswagen Beetle that landed him in hot water last year. Instead, he’s driving a GMC Terrain and moving on with his spiritual life. “It [Read More...]

From bishop to layman to deacon to priest

That’s the unusual trajectory that three former Anglican bishops in Great Britain will take over the next two weeks. From Damien Thompson: So it turns out that John Broadhurst, Andrew Burnham and Keith Newton will spend less than two weeks as laymen. According to the Friends of the Ordinariate website, the former bishops of Fulham, Ebbsfleet [Read More...]

If I had a hammer: nuns helping rebuild New Orleans

How cool is this? An inspiring story of sisters who are in the habit (heh) of rebuilding homes. Details: Sister Paula Gonzalez — dressed in sweats and sneakers — was directing a fellow nun to the ceiling of a closet — the last area in need of insulation before the group begins hanging drywall in [Read More...]


It may not be a staple in your diet, but it’s kept countless monasteries afloat over the years.   And it may rescue another one in California. Details, from The Los Angeles Times: The peal of the church bell splits the predawn darkness like a summons from God himself. The hermits of Big Sur rise from [Read More...]

Operation Redemption: meet Ohio's crime-fighting priest

He may have the most unusual vocation in his diocese. Details, from CNN: It was the murder of 75-year-old Tom Repchic that was the final straw for Father Greg Maturi, a Dominican priest in Youngstown, Ohio. Repchic and his wife, Jackie, were shot right outside Saint Dominic’s Church in September. Jackie Repchic had to have [Read More...]

Sacramento prepares to welcome first married priest

And another one swims the Tiber. From the Sacramento Bee: Jeff Henry’s long journey of faith has brought him full circle, not only back to the church in which he was baptized as an infant but also back to serving God. When he’s ordained at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament on June 4, he [Read More...]

The deer hunter priest

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette comes this unusual story of a priest who also hunts.  Amazing but true: here’s a priest looking for big bucks, but not in the collection plate… Meet Mr. Mike Zavage (above, on the left), and his son, Father Mike Zavage: Deer hunting for many is a solitary sport, but in the [Read More...]

A deacon's ministry to the "psychic wound to the soul"

A San Francisco deacon is providing an innovative ministry, one of both inspiration and consolation. Details, from Catholic San Francisco: Each week in San Francisco, 25 or more people die from suicide, homicides, accidents or other sudden causes, leaving survivors so traumatized they are thrust into a kind of desperate, altered state. They need immediate [Read More...]