What would a married priesthood look like?—UPDATED

With all the raised eyebrows and dropped jaws over recent statements on priestly celibacy, some people may think it’s time to redecorate the rectory to make it ready for the pastor’s new bride when they return from their honeymoon. Deep breaths, people. There’s less to this than meets the eye. And there are many unanswered [Read More...]

Report: pope stops naming monsignors

 Details:  Pope Francis has stopped granting priests the honorary title of “monsignor” in advance of an October meeting with several cardinals on possible reforms in the Catholic Church, the London-based Catholic weekly The Tablet is reporting Thursday. According to the Tablet‘s Rome correspondent Robert Mickens, Francis first made the decision in April shortly after his election as pope. The decision [Read More...]

Big news in Little Rock: record number of vocations

A couple weeks back, I posted on the surge in vocations in Little Rock. Now the local secular media is also reporting on the seminarian boom. See the video below. [Read more...]

Vatican’s new secretary of state: celibacy is open to discussion—UPDATED WITH VIDEO

From NBC News:  The Vatican’s new secretary of state has said that priestly celibacy is not church dogma and therefore open to discussion, marking a significant change in approach towards one of the thorniest issues facing the Roman Catholic Church. “Celibacy is not an institution but look, it is also true that you can discuss [Read More...]

Womenpriests say excommunication doesn’t bother them because “most of us just ignore it”

They ignore all the other demands of the Church, so why not that one, too? Details:   The Roman Catholic Womenpriests gained their 121st American member on Saturday, when candidate Ann Poelking Klonowski was ordained as a priest in Brecksville, Ohio — not that the Catholic Church recognizes the ceremony. Canon law 1024 states explicitly that “a baptized male alone receives [Read More...]

Kentucky priest captures tales of dying, devotes himself to making sure “no one dies alone”

A remarkable ministry, with a remarkable story behind it, as reported by USA TODAY:  It wasn’t just one thing that led the Rev. Paul Scaglione to devote so much of his ministry to the terminally and the chronically ill over his 40 years as a Roman Catholic priest. There was his own near-fatal diabetic coma four decades [Read More...]

In the e-mail: “I’m a father but I’ve never married. Can I become a Catholic priest?”

I got this e-mail this morning from Kampala, Uganda: I am a Ugandan Catholic, aged 30. I am a father to a 6-year-old girl. However, I’ve never married and I am currently single, living a more or less celibate life.  Is it possible for me to become a Catholic priest? Well, as someone once said, [Read More...]

“I was becoming a bridge, connecting the people to God”

After yesterday’s ordination of transitional deacons, I decided to rework my homily for this Sunday, with particular attention to a member of the newly ordained who has a strong connection to our parish. Here’s the result.           + Yesterday, in the Cathedral Basilica of St. James in Brooklyn, Bishop DiMarzio ordained 10 [Read More...]

Boom: Little Rock diocesan seminary enrollment at highest level in nearly 50 years

Details:  The Diocese of Little Rock’s seminarian count is getting back to levels it enjoyed in the 1960s. For the first time since 1965, the diocese boasts 41 seminarians, up 27 percent from 2012 and up 56 percent in the past 10 years. “We have a very different future than we did eight years ago,” [Read More...]

Study: clergy at higher risk for depression, anxiety

Details:  Clergy are often relied upon to guide others through difficult times, but a new study has found that the very nature of their work could put them at greater risk of developing depression and anxiety themselves. Researchers from the Clergy Health Initiative at Duke Divinity School interviewed over 1,700 United Methodist pastors by phone and [Read More...]