Why not women priests?

Dominican Father Wojciech Giertych, Theologian to the Papal Household, offers his thoughts, in this video from CNS. [Read more...]

Ordination update: 29 new deacons in Galveston-Houston

Details, from the Texas Catholic Herald News:  Twenty-nine men received the sacrament of Holy Orders in a Mass celebrated Jan. 26 at the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. For each, it marked the end of six years of rigorous study and pastoral formation — and the beginning of consecrated life in the Permanent Diaconate of [Read More...]

A new book in favor of priestly celibacy

With a new married priest in Buffalo getting so much buzz, I was intrigued by this item, which moved on Zenit two days ago: Why can’t priests marry? It’s a question people often ask and the requirement of celibacy has also been blamed as one of the causes of sexual abuse by priests. A recently [Read More...]

Worth a thousand words: Buffalo’s new married priest

Father John Cornelius, the first married priest in the Diocese of Buffalo, gives communion to his wife at yesterday’s ordination.  The New York Daily News has a complete write-up. [Read more...]

On a married priest abstaining from sex: “A praiseworthy thing”

That’s the assessment of canon lawyer Ed Peters, writing about the item that’s raising eyebrows (and igniting comboxes on the interwebs). Ed writes:  I saw the news item about a married deacon who announced that, upon his ordination to priesthood, he and his wife will cease conjugal relations. Because such a decision by them is, as everyone [Read More...]

Buffalo’s married priest says he will stop having sex—UPDATED WITH VIDEO

I posted on him a few days ago.  Now, some more details, from the New York Daily News:  John Cornelius will be ordained a Roman Catholic priest this weekend — and with the blessing of his wife they’re giving up their sex life. Cornelius, a father of three, will become the first married Roman Catholic [Read More...]

Amazing: five sisters who were Sisters—and two of them died just a day apart

From the Albany Times Union:  They were Sister sisters who possessed contrasting personalities and were protective of their personal space, but in the end they proved inseparable. Sisterhood defined Sister Jean Marie Wheeler and Sister Elaine Wheeler — biological sisters, Daughters of Charity nuns and career educators — who were in their 90s and lived together for the [Read More...]

Buffalo to get a married priest—UPDATED

And, like most, he’s a former Episcopalian:  A married father of three will be ordained a priest in the Catholic Church by Buffalo’s Bishop on Saturday, January 26. Deacon John Cornelius, 64, grew up in Bolivar and attended Allegany College and SUNY Fredonia before enlisting in the U.S. Navy. He received a masters of Divinity [Read More...]

Snapshot: how Ohio is coping with priest shortage, changing demographics

An interesting microcosm of what is happening all over, from the Dayton Daily News:  A looming shortage of active priests means that parishoners across the region — and around the U.S. — will be worshipping together more closely. Church leaders have been forced to reorganize and in some cases, churches and schools have been closed when as [Read More...]

From Iowa family man to Catholic priest

And, along the way, he was also a permanent deacon. Details, from the Gazette: The Rev. Steve Witt has been a husband and a father. Now he’s a father, as in black shirt and white collar. Newly ordained in the Davenport Diocese of the Catholic Church, Witt’s experiences with marriage, parenting and losing a spouse are [Read More...]