For the 4th: Faith of Our Fathers

Last week in his blog, Cardinal Donal Wuerl marked the 75th anniversary of the Archdiocese of Washington, and paid tribute to part of Catholic American history that many may not know:  We build on a foundation that began on the first Pentecost, as the Holy Spirit helped guide the Apostles to heed Jesus’ call to [Read More...]

The reality TV that wasn't: how CBS faked the Fourth

What you see below never happened. Read all about it: Those who watched Boston’s revered Fourth of July celebration Monday night on CBS were treated to spectacular views of fireworks exploding behind the State House, Quincy Market, and home plate at Fenway Park, among other places – great views, until you consider that they were [Read More...]

Flashback: July 4th, 2006

It was just a little crowded in the Magic Kingdom. (Don’t believe me?  Click to enlarge.  If memory serves, that shot was taken about 90 minutes before the fireworks.) But was it worth it?  You bet. One of my happiest 4th of July memories, ever. Happy Independence Day, one and all.  Have a blast! [Read more...]

Sublime: Chet Atkins plays "Stars and Stripes Forever" on guitar

If we had Chet Atkins in my parish, I’d argue to make every mass a “guitar mass.” (As long as Chet could play ‘em all, of course…) Here he is, from 1978. If you’ve heard this tune a hundred times, you’ve probably never heard it like this. H/T to good ole Austin. [Read more...]