Mother Dolores at the Oscars: “This is very different than being in the monastery…”

Hollywood’s most famous nun since Julie Andrews returned to her old stomping grounds last night: It wasn’t hard to spot Elvis Presley’s old co-star on the Oscars red carpet. She was the one wearing the nun’s habit. Mother Dolores Hart, who left Hollywood 49 years ago to pursue a religious life, made a dramatic return [Read More...]

If I could vote in the Oscars…

…here’s my pick for picture of the year. There is more truth, pain, joy, poetry and poignancy in this five minute clip than in any other I can imagine.  And I love that the final moment of the trilogy ends the way the first movie began, with a shot of an impossibly beautiful sky, and [Read More...]

Separated at birth: Timothy Dolan and John Lasseter

Seriously.  Have you noticed the resemblance? The celebrated Archbishop of New York could be a dead ringer for the Oscar-winning genius behind “Toy Story” and “Cars.”  (The latter just won a Life Achievement award from the Motion Picture Academy.) [Read more...]