Worst. Ad. Ever. — UPDATED

  Details:  Images of the ad started appearing on Facebook pages and Twitter. And many people visited the Facebook page of the golf course, leaving angry and threatening messages. At first, the company tried to apologize and even offered to donate money to the 9/11 Memorial. However, the outrage did not stop. There were reports of physical [Read More...]

Just when you thought ads couldn’t get more offensive…

…along comes this one, promoting a bar in New Zealand. [Read more...]

RIP John Chervokas, "squeezable" Catholic

The man who came up with the idea to tell the world “Please don’t squeeze the Charmin” has died. Obituaries note that in addition to coining one of the most enduring advertising slogans ever, ad executive John Chervokas also wrote books on spirituality and prayer that included “Patient Prayers” and “Pinstripe Prayers, or How to [Read More...]