Shared grief: the Amish and the parents of Newtown

The horrific story of the Amish shooting in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania in 2006 was on my mind this week.  The people of Nickel Mines understand, perhaps better than anyone, what the families are facing in Newtown.  I remembered that the Amish responded to their grief with astonishing grace and mercy—reaching out to forgive what would [Read More...]

Mother of Amish shooter cares for her son's victims

An amazing story, of amazing grace: Terri Roberts was eating outside with a co-worker on a bright October day when an ambulance wailed nearby and a helicopter swooped overhead. As she often did at a sirens’ sound, Roberts said a quick prayer. “Little did I know what I was praying for,” she said. Walking back [Read More...]

"He is in the hands of a righteous judge"

From Pennsylvania comes this rare story of an Amish man who, driven by madness, killed his wife;  now, after taking his own life, he’s been buried beside her in an Amish cemetery. From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: There is fresh grave in the Amish cemetery, next to the one where Katie Gingerich has lain since her [Read More...]