Francis slept here: inside Cardinal Bergoglio’s apartment in Argentina

Take a look:  “A man drunk with God”, the title (from the French) of the classic biography of Saint Sharbel by Fr Paul Daher, spontaneously comes to mind when listening to those who were close to Pope Francis when he was still the archbishop of Buenos Aires. We are in the Archbishop’s Palace in the [Read More...]

The “villas of misery” that inspired Jorge Bergoglio

Another fascinating dispatch from John Allen, continuing his visit to the pope’s homeland: In Argentina, they say that if you want to understand the priestly soul of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, then you have to know the villas miserias, literally “villas of misery,” meaning the slums in Buenos Aires where the poorest of the poor are found. [Read More...]

Archbishop Grinch

I have to wonder what the parents thought of this. Details, from AFP: A Roman Catholic archbishop surprised his parishioners in Argentina by telling the children that Santa Claus was not real, but instead a commercialized symbol of Christmas. “That’s not Christmas,” Archbishop Fabriciano Sigampa of the northern city of Resistencia said in mass, insisting [Read More...]