First look: Atlanta’s new deacons

These come from the Facebook page of the Georgia Bulletin.  Archbishop Wilton Gregory ordained 12 new deacons Saturday.  Details to come soon. Meantime, congratulations, brothers!  Ad multos annos!    [Read more...]

In a rare move, lay woman named as co-director of diaconate formation

From the Georgia Bulletin in Atlanta: New formation leaders are overseeing the growing permanent diaconate in the Atlanta Archdiocese. And in a rare appointment, a woman now shares the responsibility for shaping the future deacons. Penny Simmons, a retired bank executive and spiritual director in the deacon formation program, is one of the few women [Read More...]

The remarkable journey of Atlanta’s new auxiliary bishop—UPDATED

He’s got quite an unusual background—and was influenced by the writings of Thomas Merton : Msgr. David Talley, a former Southern Baptist who became a Catholic at the age of 24 and has served at various archdiocesan parishes, has been named by Pope Benedict XVI as an auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Atlanta. At [Read More...]

Gone with the windfall: Margaret Mitchell heir leaves estate to Archdiocese of Atlanta

This is huge, courtesy the Georgia Bulletin:  The Archdiocese of Atlanta has received a substantial gift from the estate of Margaret Mitchell’s nephew, Joseph, including a 50 percent share of the trademark and literary rights to “Gone With the Wind.” The estate of Joseph Mitchell included a multi-million dollar bequest to the archdiocese and the [Read More...]

See you at Spago: Georgia parish sets out to produce faith-based film

While most parishes are busy raising money to fund schools or fix the plumbing, a thriving parish in the Archdiocese of Atlanta is trying to raise funds to produce a movie.   In fact, it bills this as “the first major motion picture from a Catholic parish.” From the Georgia Bulletin: Efforts are underway at [Read More...]

To Atlanta’s new deacons: “Care for the Church with the same intense love you provide to those you love at home”

The Georgia Bulletin has details behind the picture I posted yesterday: Ten new permanent deacons were ordained for service to the Archdiocese of Atlanta on Saturday, Feb. 11, at the Cathedral of Christ the King. Among family, friends, priests and brother deacons, the class of 2012 was all smiles as they reached the culmination of [Read More...]

Deacons embrace innovative new ministry for grieving couples

From the Archdiocese of Atlanta, news about a much-needed new outreach to couples facing a very personal loss: Out of her own heartbreak, Nicole Hartman is reaching out to other couples that share the grief of losing a child still in the womb. “It is this awful cross,” she said. The 39-year-old is leading the [Read More...]

"I was in prison and you visited me…"

A deacon in Atlanta is taking those words of Jesus to heart — and he’s living them as part of a vital and vibrant ministry. From the Georgia Bulletin: The Prison and Jail Ministry of the Atlanta Archdiocese aims to make stronger links between parishioners and Catholics behind bars.Inmates should have a sacramental presence in [Read More...]

What does a deacon wear under his alb?

Now it can be shown. Here’s a first for “The Deacon’s Bench”: The  men about to be ordained deacons earlier this month for the Archdiocese of Atlanta show off some equipment they used to help get them through all the kneeling the ceremony entails. More on the 16 new deacons — and what else they [Read More...]

Atlanta's new deacons

Smile and say “Jesus!” A grateful diaconal bow to Deacon Steve Swope of the Archdiocese of Atlanta, who sent along the picture below: Atlanta’s 16 new deacons, ordained on February 5. The Georgia Bulletin offered a preview of the rite (but as yet hasn’t posted online a followup.)  Congratulations and welcome, brothers!  Ad multos annos! [Read more...]